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Anti-cavalierisme, Author of the sayd treatise of
Author of the sayd treatise of Anti-cavalierisme
G, J.
G, John Goodwin
Goodvvin, John
Goodwin, Jo
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, John ((preacher))
J. G, John Goodwin
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Language material
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Ascham, Antony -1650
Cripps, Henry (II, Londen)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
Lloyd, Lodowick (Londen)
Macock, John (Londen)
Powell, Vavasor (1617-1670)
Simpson, John (active 17th century.)
Wagner, John D.
Weekes, John
Anticavalierism, 1643:
divine authority of the Scriptures asserted, or, The great charter of the worlds blessednes vindicated being a discourse of soveraigne use and service in these times ..., The : together with two tables annexed, the former, of the contents, and severall arguments more largely prosecuted in the treatise, the later, of such texts of Scripture unto which some light is given therein
exposition of the nineth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans:, An : wherein by the tenor and carriage of the contents of the said chapter, from first to last, is plainly shewed and proved, that the apostles scope therein, is to assert and maintain his great doctrine of justification by faith, and that here he discourseth nothing at all concerning any personal election or reprobation of men, from eternity.
god a good master
Imputatio fidei: or A treatise of iustification; : wherein the imputation of Faith for righteousnesse (mentioned Rom.4. 3, 5. is explained ...
Imputatio fidei: or A treatise of justification
impvtatio fidei, or a treatise on justification
John Goodwin and the Puritan Revolution
' later edited by [[john wesley]] to combat [[calvinist]] [[antinomianism]].*'the butcher's blessing, or the bloody intentions of romish cavaliers,' &c., 1642 (jackson).*
Os Ossorianvm
Redemption redeemed : a Puritan defense of unlimited atonement
Redemption redeemed...reprinted from ed. 1651.
Redemption redeemed : wherein the most glorious work of the redemption of the world by Jesus Christ is vindicated against the encroachments of later times, with a thorough discussion of the great questions concerning election, reprobation, and the perseverance of the saints
return of mercies, the
saints' interest in god, the
Some modest and humble queries concerning a printed paper, intituled, An ordinance presented to the Honourable House of Commons, &c. for the preventing of the growing and spreading of heresies, &c.
Spirituall songs
Thirty queries, modestly propounded in order to a discovery of the truth, and mind of God, in that question, or case of conscience; whether the civil magistrate stands bound by way of duty to interpose his power or authority in matters of religion, or worship of God.
treatise on justification: extracted from Mr. John Goodwin, by John Wesley. With a preface, wherein all that is material, in letters just published, under the name of the Rev. Mr. Hervey, is answered, A
Truths conflict with error. Or, Universall redemption controverted, in three publike disputations. The first between M. John Goodwin, and M. Vavasour Powell, in Coleman-street London. The other two between M. John Goodwin, and M. John Simpson, at Alhallowes the great in Thames-street: in the presence of divers ministers of the City of London, and thousands of others
Tvvo hyms, or spirituall songs; sung in Mr. Goodwins congregation on Friday last being the 24. of Octob. 1651. Which was a day set apart by authority of Parliament for a solemn thanksgiving unto God by this nation, for that most wonderfull and happy successe of the English army under the conduct of his excellency the Lord General Cromwel over the Scottish forces at Worcester. Also a letter for satisfaction of some Presbyterian ministers, and others, who hold it unlawfull to give thanks for the shedding of blood.
Two hyms
vindication of Dr. Hammonds addresse, & c, A : from the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius, in two particulars, concerning the power supposed in the Jew, over his owne freedome [and] the no-power over a mans own life : together with a briefe reply to Mr. John Goodwins [Hybeisodikai, i.e. Hybristodikai], as far as concernes Dr. Hammond.