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Bing, John
Byng, Johann
Byng, John
Byng, John (Admiral)
Byng, John (Mr)
Torrington, John
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BYNG, George 1st Viscount Torrington
Ferne, Charles
Great Britain. Royal Navy. Court-martial (Byng : 1756-1757)
Great Britain. Royal Navy. Court-martial (Creighton : 1816)
Pitt, William Earl of Chatham, 1708-1778
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
TUNSTALL, William Cuthbert Brian
Admiral Byng in the elysian shades A poem.
Admiral Byng's defence as presented by him, and read in the court January 18, 1757, on board his Majesty's ship St. George, in Portsmouth Harbour. Containing a very particular account of the action on the 20th of May, 1756, off Cape Mola, between the British and French fleets ...
appeal to the people: containing, the genuine and entire letter of Admiral Byng to the Secr. of the Ad-y: ... Part the first, An
Byng Papers. Selected from the letters and papers of Admiral Sir George Byng, First Viscount Torrington and of his son Admiral the Hon. John Byng, and edited by Brian Tunstall., The
case of the Hon. Admiral Byng, ingenuously represented. His conduct and behaviour in the expedition to the mediterranean, and in the engagement off mahon, examined, without regard to party-prejudice or popular clamour. And the most material part of the evidence on his trial fairly stated: with such reflections and observations as naturally arise from a view of the whole proceedings against him. Likewise his letter to the secretary of the admiralty, requiring his witnesses, and demanding speedy justice; with remarks thereon. Also two letters from M. Voltaire and the Marshal Duke De Richlieu to Mr. Byng. With an account of his execution; his behaviour in his last moments; and an exact copy of the paper he delivered to the Marshal of the admiralty a minute before he was shot. Also an elegy on his death. To which is prefixed, The admiral's head, curiously engraved., The
exact copy of a remarkable letter from Admiral Byng to the Right Hon. W - P -, Esq; dated March 12, 1757, two days before his execution, An
Genuine tryal of Admiral Byng on board the St. George in Portsmouth harbour, for an enquiry into his conduct while he commanded the fleet in the Mediterranean and particularily in the engagement on the 20th of May 1756 off Minorca, The : with the Admiral's defence and sentence of death as pronounced by the president of the court-martial : and also an account of his behaviour after sentence was passed upon him and at the time of execution : with some account of his family and the brave actions done by his father, Lord Viscount Torrington, Rear Admiral of Great-Britain : to which are added the most perfect account of the whole siege, noble defence, and surrender of St. Philip's Fort in the island of Minorca by the brave General Blakeney that has yet been published : with a description of the island and its great importance and loss to Great-Britain.
Katalog der fürstlich Stolberg-Stolberg'schen Leichenpredigten-Sammlung. Bd. 4.
key to the trial of Admiral Byng, or, A brief state of facts relating to the action in the Mediterranean on the 20th of May, 1756 fairly deduced from the evidence given at the trial setting that affair in a clear and true light., A
Minutes of the proceedings of the court martial on the trial of Admiral Byng ... begun December 27, 1756, and continued till January 27, 1757. ... To which is added, an explanation of the signals made by the commander in chief ... Likewise the two letters of M. Voltaire, and Marshal D. Righlieu, to Mr. Byng. ...
original paper delivered by Admiral Byng to the Marshal, just before his execution, on board His Majesty's Ship Monarque. A genuine copy of what was contained in a paper delivered by the Hon. Admiral John Byng, to William Brough, Esq; marshal of the High Court of Admiralty, immediately before his death, having first spoke as follows, The
speech of the Honble. Admiral Byng Intended to have been spoken on board the Monarque, at the time of his execution, on Monday, March 14, 1757. But, his sorrow not suffering him, he delivered it to a friend to be published., The
Testament politique de l'amiral Bying. -
Testament politique de l'Amiral Byng
Torrington Diaries, cont. the tours through England and Wales ..., The
trial of the Honourable Admiral John Byng at a court martial, as taken by Mr. Charles Fearne, judge-advocate of His Majesty's Fleet, The
trial of Vice-Admiral Byng, at a court-martial, held on board his Majesty's ship the St. George, in Portsmouth Harbour. ... Together with the admiral's defence, taken down in short-hand, The