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Barnard, J. G.
Barnard, John G.
Barnard, John Gross
Gross Barnard, John
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Barry, William Farquhar (1818-1879))
U.S. Army Engineer School
United States Coast Survey
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers
United States. National Archives and Records Administration. Cartographic and Architectural Branch
United States. Office of National Capital Parks
Van Nostrand, David (1811-1886))
Williams, J. J.
Wright, Horatio Gouverneur (1820-1899)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Battle hymn. Our flag.
C(onfederate) S(tates) A(rmy) and the Battle of Bull Run, The
dangers and defences of New York. Addressed to the Hon. J. B. Floyd, Secretary of War., The
Defenses of Washington.
eulogium on the character of George Washington, An
Eulogy of the late Bvt. Maj. Gen. Joseph G. Totten, chief engineer, United States Army
Eulogy on the late Brevet Major-General Joseph G. Totten
Eulogy on the late Bvt. Maj.
Experiments on the front or shield of the experimental casement at Fort Monroe...
Final proceedings of the advisory commission of engineers
Guide leaflets for the tour of historic Civil War defenses, Washington D.C.
Historical address at the Sheffield centennial commenoration, June 18th, 1876.
Index map for sheets, extract of military map of N.E. Virginia showing forts and roads : [Washington D.C. metropolitan area].
Isthmus of Tehuantepec, The : being the results of a survey for a railroad to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Letter to the editors of the National intelligencer, in answer to the charges against the United States Military academy in the report of the secretary of war, of July, 1861.
Lighthouse engineering as displayed at the Centennial exhibition.
Map of the environs of Washington : compiled from Boschkes' map of the District of Columbia and from surveys of the U.S. Coast Survey showing the line of the defences of Washington as constructed during the war from 1861 to 1865 inclusive
North Sea canal of Holland and improvement of navigation from Rotterdam to the sea
Notes on sea-coast defence : consisting of sea-coast fortification, the fifteen-inch gun, and casemate embrasures
On an alleged error in Laplace's theory of the tides.
On the internal structure of the earth considered as affecting the phenomena of precession and nutation, supplementary to article under the above head, Smithsonian contributions to knowledge, Vol.19, no.240 being the third of the problems of rotary motion
Outlets and levees of the Mississippi River
Peninsular Campaign and its antecedents, as developed by the Report of Maj. Gen. Mc.Clellan, and other published documents, The
phenomena of the gyroscope analytically examined, with two supplements, on the effects of initial gyratory velocities, and of retarding forces on the motion of the gyroscope., The
Problems of rotary motion presented by the gyroscope, the precession of the equinoxes, and the pendulum
Report of a commission consisting of J. G. Barnard ...
Report of Gen. J. G. Barnard to the Engineer dept in 1863...
Report of the engineer and artillery operations of the army of the Potomac : from its organisation to the close of the Peninslar campaign
Report of the engineer and artillery operations of the Army of the Potomac, from its organization to the close of the Peninsular Campaign
report on the defenses of Washington, to the chief of engineers, U. S. Army, A
Report on the fabrication of iron for defensive purposes, and its uses in modern fortifications especially in works of coast defense [with Supplement]
Report on the North Sea canal of Holland; and on the improvement of navigation from Rotterdam to the sea; to the chief of engineers, United States army
Some remarks on the use and interpretation of particular integrals which "satisfy" general differential equations expressive of dynamic problems, in cases where general integration is impossible ...
Tour of the Civil War defenses of Washington, D.C.