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Ayloffe, Joseph
Ayloffe, Joseph (Sir)
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Edmondson, Joseph (d. 1786.)
Glover, Robert (1544-1588)
London. Towers. [from old catalog]
Morant, Philip (1700-1770)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Scotland. Parliament
Tower of London (London, England)
(1771), and added valuable appendices of original illustrative documents. he saw through the press [[john thorpe (antiquarian, 1715–1792)|john thorpe]]'s
Calendars of the ancient charters, and of the Welch and Scotish rolls, now remaining in the Tower of London ... also calendars of all the treaties of peace entered into by the kings of England with those of Scotland; and of sundry letters and public instruments relating to that kingdom, now in the Chapter-house at Westminster. Together with catalogues of the records brought to Berwick from the Royal treasury at Edinburgh: of such as were transmitted to the Exchequer at Westminster, and of those which were removed to different parts of Scotland by order of King Edward I. The proceedings relating to the carrying back the records of Scotland into that kingdom; and the transactions of the Parliament there from the 15th of May 1639, to the 8th of March 1650. To which are added memoranda concerning the affairs of Ireland, extracted from the Tower records. With four copper plates, exhibiting all the various hands in which the several charters have been written, from the reign of King William the Conqueror to that of Queen Elizabeth. To the whole is prefixed an introduction, giving some account of the state of the public records from the conquest to the present time.
complete body of heraldry containing an historical enquiry into the origins of armories and the rise and progress of heraldry, considered as a science ... the proper methods of blazoning and marshalling armorial bearings ... the arms, quarterings, crests, supporters, and mottos of all sovereign princes and states, as also the achievements of the peers ... of England, Scotland, and Ireland ... an historical catalogue of all the different orders of knighthood ..., A : Glover's Ordinary of arms, augmented and improved : an alphabet of arms, containing upwards of fifty thousand coats, with their crests, &c. and a copious glossary, explaining all the technical terms used in heraldry ... : illustrated with copper-plates
copy of a proclamation
gentleman's magazine
. london, 1774. this work, with an introduction (attributed principally to [[thomas astle]]) traces at length the history and neglect of the public records.{{sfn|lee|1885|p=285}} in a lengthy introduction the author impresses on historians the necessity of scholarly research among the state papers. the book was begun by the rev. [[philip morant]], who was at one time employed at the state paper office, and was published at first anonymously. but in 1774 a new issue gave sir joseph ayloffe's name on the title-page.{{sfn|lee|1885|p=285}}ayloffe also revised for the press new editions of [[john leland (antiquary)|john leland]]'s
on five monuments in westminster abbey
relating to persons making portraits of queen elizabeth
topographical and historical description of suffolk
which was published in 1769 by the compiler's son. ayloffe's