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Bandon Bridge, Richard Boyle (baron de)
Bandon Bridge, Richard Boyle (Baron of)
Boyle of Kinalmeaky, Richard (vicomte de8)
Boyle of Kinalmeaky, Richard (Viscount)
Boyle, Richard
Boyle, Richard (comte de Burlington)
Burlington (comte de)
Burlington, Richard Boyle
Burlington, Richard Boyle (comte de)
Burlington, Richard Boyle (Earl of)
Burlington, Richard (comte de)
Cork, Richard Boyle (comte de)
Cork, Richard Boyle (Earl of)
Cork, Richard (comte de)
Dungarvan, Richard Boyle (vicomte de)
Dungarvan, Richard Boyle (Viscount)
Dungawan, Richard (vicomte de)
Youghal, Richard Boyle (baron de)
Youghal, Richard Boyle (Baron of)
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Bertotti Scamozzi, Ottavio (1719-1790))
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691))
Diodati, François (1647-1690))
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons
Lenthall, William (1591-1662))
Magennis, Arthur
Magennis, Sir
Morhof, Daniel Georg (1639-1691))
Orrery, Roger Boyle (1621-1679; comte d'))
Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580))
Tournes, Samuel de (1628-1695))
certaine relation of the Earle of Ormonds proseedings [sic] ... 1642:, A
copie of a letter sent by Mr. Speaker, to all the corporations in England And the like also to all the justices of peace, in the severall counties of England: drawn out by order of the House of Commons. Also, a worthie, learned, and religious speech; delivered by the Earl of Cork, to the Protestant lords, knights, and gentlemen of Irelaud [sic], at a generall assembly holden at Cork, Ian. 20. 1641. Wherein is expressed, the generall calamitie of that kingdome, with his encouragement and desire unto the said assembly, to provide present relief and succour for the distressed and afflicted Protestants, A
Novorum experimentorum physico-mechanicorum continuatio prima, de aeris elaterio et pondere, nec non eorundem effectibus... Ab honoratiβimo Roberto Boyle.
Roberti Boyle... Opera varia.
terme dei Romani, Le
thermes des Romains dessinées par André Palladio, Les
trve relation of the miseralble [sic] estate that Ireland now standeth in manifested by a letter sent from the Lord Dungarvan, son to the Earle of Corke, to Sir Arthur Magennis, a worthy knight in England, A : wherein is shewed the great distresse of the Protestants there inhabiting : likwise the preparation for Ireland, by assent of both Houses of Parliament : with the great comfort that they daily receive by meanes of the valour of Sir Simon Harcovrt : with a list of the ships, men, money & ammunition sent for the present reliese of the poore distressed Protestants of Ireland