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Nichol, Francis D.
Nichol, Francis David
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Andreasen, M. L. (1876-)
Andreasen, Milian Lauritz (1876-)
Baker, Alonzo L. (1894-1985)
Baker, Alonzo Lafayette (1894-)
Baker, Alonzo Lafayette (1894-1985)
Shipley, Maynard (1872-1934)
Answers to objections
case against liquor, The : a calm portrayal of the facts and a proposed solution of the age-old problem of liquor
Creation-- not evolution
Ellen G. White and her critics an answer to the major charges that critics have brought against Mrs. Ellen G. White
Ellen G. Whiteová a její kritici
God's challenge to modern apostasy; a study of the three angels' messages and the Sabbath in the light of the modern apostasy in Christendom. An endeavor to show that Revelation 14 presents the most timely message for the world today.
Let's live our beliefs : a discussion of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs in terms of their practical relation to everyday living
Midnight cry; a defense of the character and conduct of william miller and the millerites, who mistakenly believed that the second coming of christ would take place in the year 1844
Questions people have asked me; the editor of the Review and herald answers questions on various matters of interest to Adventists.
Reasons for our faith; a discussion of questions vital to the proper understanding and effective presentation of certain Seventh-Day Adventist teachings.
San Francisco debates on evolution; for evolution, Maynard Shipley ... against evolution, Francis D. Nichol and Alonzo L. Baker ... held in Native sons' hall, San Francisco, California, June 13 and 14, 1925., The
Seventh-day adventist bible commentary the holy bible with exegetical and expository comment
wartime contribution of Seventh-day Adventists, The : a statement of the unique relationship of this religious body to the war and to postwar plans
Wet or dry? A brief, candid examination of a moot question in American life