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R. W
Robert W. White
Robert Willie White
W, R.
White, R.
White, Robert
White, Robert A.
White, Robert (guionista)
White, Robert ((guitarist))
White, Robert Willie
Strings, plucked - Guitar
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Babbitt, Bob (co-performer)
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez de
Benjamin, Benny (co-performer)
Bowles, Thomas (co-performer)
Brown, Eddie "Bongo" (co-performer)
Dyke, Van Earl (co-performer)
Griffith, Johnny (co-performer)
Hunter, Joe (co-performer)
Jamerson, James (co-performer)
La Chambre, Marin Cureau de
Messina, Joe (co-performer)
Monette, Raymond (co-performer)
The Funk Brothers (isMemberOf)
Vance, Leigh (1922-1994)
West, Robert
Williams, E.
Williams, Eric
Williams, William
Willis, Eddie (co-performer)
Wood, cineasta
Wood, William
Woodfield, William Read
Woods, Richard
Wrathall, Richard attributed name
Young, guionista
Young, Robert M.
actes of the ambassage, passed at the meating of the lordes and princes of Germany at Naumburg in Thuring, concerning the matters there moued by Pope Pius the iiii. in the yeare of our Lorde. 1561. and the fifth daie of February, The
Actes of the ambassage, passed at the meating of the lordes nd princes of Germany at Naumburg in Thuring, concerning the matters there moved by Pope Pius the. iiii. in the yeare of our Lorde. 1561
Advantageous consequences of the alliance of the Crown of Great Britain with the States General of the United Provinces
Aristippus: a discourse of the court
Aristippus, or, Monsr. de Balsac's masterpiece
Bass Power (Bass club mix)
Bataille de Kolin : Gagnée par le Maréchal Daun le 14 Juin 1757
Bataille de Prague : Gagnée par le Roi de Prusse le 18 Mai 1757
Christian priest. A poem sacred to the memory of the truly reverend, learned, and pious Dr. Samuel Clarke ... With his character., The
compendious schoolmaster, The
Contemplations of the state of man in this life, and in that which is to come. By Jeremy Taylor, D.D. and late Lord Bishop of Down and Connor
declaration of the Brittish in the North of Ireland, The
discourse upon the passions, A
England must pay the piper
essay on grief: with the causes and remedies of it, An
everlasting Gospel, commanded to be preached by Jesus Christ, judge of the living and dead, unto all creatures, Mark XVI. 15 Concerning the eternal redemption found out by Him, whereby Devil, sin, hell and death, shall at last be abolished, and the whole creation restored to its primitive purity; being a testimomy [sic] against the present anti-christian world, The
great fight at Chepstow Castle in the west of England, A
happy union of England and Holland, or, The advantageous consequences of the alliance of the Crown of Great Britain with the States General of the United Provinces, The
historical and geographical account of the Morea, Negropont, and the maritime places, as far as Thessalonica, An
Kingly prerogative instituted by God
Let's watch : English language teaching by video.
letter to an honourable member of Parliament, concerning the great growth of popery, and the treasonable practices of the Romish bishops and priests at this time in England, A
Lettre, a un membre du Parlement, touchant les grands progrès que font en ce tems-ci en Angleterre les Evêques & les Prêtres Papistes
looking-glasse for papists, A
Martine Mar-Sixtus
messiah found, The
Misión: imposible : la serie de televisión completa : the complete original television series
Mission: impossible (Bruce Geller)
Monsr. de Balsac's masterpiece
Natural and artificial conclusions, both pleasant and profitable
necessary family-book, both for the city and country, in two parts. Containing exact, plain and short directions, for taking and killing all manner of vermine on land and in water: as, part I. By land. The fox, polcat, buzzard, kite, weasle, adder, snake, caterpillers, frog, mole, pismire, fly, bug, rats and mice; fleas and lice. Part II. By water. The hern, dobchick, coat, or morehen, cormorant, sea-pie, kings-fisher, otter, water-rat, and ospray, all great destroyers of fish. To which is added. Directions for profitable managing of bees, poultry, pigions; and conies; with instructions for breeding up, and managing cattle; very useful for all country people. The whole illustrated with many proper figures. By R.W. Gent., A
No nevvs, but a letter to every body
Of grief in general
originall of the dominion of princes, founded upon Gods soveraignty over the whole earth, or, The kingly prerogative, instituted by God, and proved from the holy scriptures to be jure divino, The
particular account of Major General Kirk's beating the Irish out of their bullworks and fort, and of bombing the lower town in order to the taking of Limericke, A
particular state of the government of the Emperour, Ferdinand the Second, The
Pontificorum principia quibus ascriptum invenimus nomen R.W
process, and pleadings in the court of Spain upon the death of Anthonie Ascham resident for the Parliament of England, and of John Baptista Riva his interpreter, The
Questions propounded by the natural man by way of reasoning
Real Vibration (D & B remix)
Real Vibration (Peter Ramson & Decoy remix)
Real Vibration (Real club mix)
Remarks on the Earl of Lauderdale's pamphlet
sacramental catechisme: designed for the use of poor servants, A
second part of the passions, The
Several objections against the reducement of interest
Standing in the shadows of Motown, c2002:
State of the imperiall-court of the Emperour Ferdinand the Second
Thesaurus musicus : being, a collection of the newest songs ... with a thorow-bass to each song, for the harpsicord, theorbo, or bass-viol : to which is annexed, a collection of airs, composed for two flutes, by several masters ; the fifth book
Thesaurus musicus, book 5
Thomæ Pennant armigero, Cambro-Britanno, iter in Cambriâ facienti, carmina hæc cum salute summâque observantiâ, dedicat popularis ejus et amicus, R.W
To Mr. William Thomas
Two letters to a friend, concerning the distempers of the present times
Vires pontificorum fractæ
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Favourite Irish Songs of Princess Grace
In the Snakepit