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De Loutherbourg, Philip James
De Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques
DeLoutherbourg, Philippe-Jacques
Lauterbourg, Philipp Jakob (der Jüngere)
Lauterbourg, Philippe Jacques
Lauterbourg, Philippe Jacques De
Loutherberg, Philip James de
Loutherborg, Philip James de
Loutherboug, Jacques Philippe
Loutherbough, Philip James de
Loutherbourg, Jacques Philippe
Loutherbourg, P. J. de
Loutherbourg, Philip de
Loutherbourg, Philip James
Loutherbourg, Philip James de
Loutherbourg, Philip James de (French painter and scenographer, 1740-1812, active in Great Britain)
Loutherbourg, Philip James (Mr)
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jacob de
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob,
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob (der Jüngere)
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob II
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob (the younger)
Loutherbourg, Philipp James de (the younger)
Loutherbourg, Philippe de
Loutherbourg, Philippe J. de
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques,
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques De
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques de II
Loutherbourg, R. A.
Loutherbourgh, Philip James de,
Loutherbourgh, Philippe-Jacques de,
Loutherburg, Philip James de
Loutherburgh, Philip James de
Loutherourgh, Philip James de
Lutherberg, Philip James de
Lutherbourg Ii, Philippe Jacques De
Lutherbourg, Philipp Jakob
Lutherbourg, Philipp Jakob (der Jüngere)
Lutherbourg, Philippe Jacques,
Lutherburgh, Philip James de
P. L. de Loutherbourg
P. P. De Loutherbourch
P. P. De Loutherbourgh
Philip De Loutherbourg
Philip James de Louthebourg
Philip James de Loutherbourg
Philip James De Loutherbourg, Esq. R. A.
Philip James de Loutherbourg, R. A.
Philipp Jakob Loutherbourg
Philippe Jacques De Loutherbourg
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bourgeois peter francis
Green, Rupert (1768-18.)
Green, Valentine (1739-1813)
Joppien, Rüdiger (1946-)
Kenwood House (Hampstead)
Laurent, Pierre-François (1739-1809)
Lebrun, Jean-Baptiste-Pierre (1748-1813)
London. Kenwood House
Poignant, Etienne-Léon (17..-1... éditeur)
Weirotter, Franz Edmund (1733-1771)
Weisbrod, Carl Wilhelm (1743-1806)
Wijnants, Jan (1630?-1684)
Zentner, J.L.L.C. (17..-1.)
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Agriculture, poème, L'
At the large house, fronting Leicester-Street, Leicester-Square, on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, will be exhibited, ... Eidophusikon: or various imitations of natural phenomena, represented by moving pictures, invented and painted by Mr. De Loutherbourg, ... The scenes accompanied on the harpsichord, by Mr. Burney
At the large house, fronting Leicester-Street, Leicester-Square, this present Thursday, January 31, 1782, will be exhibited for the first time, Eidophusikon: being an intire new set of moving pictures, representing the following phœnomena of nature, invented and painted by Mr. de Loutherbourg.
Bénézit, 1976. Loutherbourg, Rupture d'un pont
[Berger endormi] Tiré du Cabinet --- de M¦r¦ Le Brun [estampe]
bonne fermière [estampe], La
Christmas tale
[Four exotic heads]
Galerie des peintres flamands, hollandais et allemands ouvrage enrichi de deux cent une planches gravées d'après les meilleurs tableaux de ces maîtres, par les plus habiles artistes de France, de Hollande et d'Allemagne avec un texte explicatif [...]
Galerie Lebrun
General count Clairfayt [estampe]
Grand attack on Valenciennes, by the combined armies under the command of his Royal Highness the Duke of York, on the twenty-fifth of July 1793 dedicated by permission to the Kings most excellent Majesty... [estampe], The
His Royal Highness the arch duke Charles of Austria field marshal and commander in chief of the Imperial armies in Germany [estampe]
[Man with dog]
new dramatic entertainment, called a Christmas tale, A : in five parts, as it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
Paisagem campestre], [
Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg, RA, 1740-1812, 1973 (subj.)
picturesque english scenery
[Recueil. Affiches. Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg]
[Recueil. Oeuvre de Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg]
vache et l'ânon] [estampe], [La
Vue de Vernonnet --- en Normandie. // Dédié à Monsieur Philippe Jacques --- Louterbourg Peintre du Roy // Par son trés humble Serviteur Weirotter. [estampe]