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Brown, Polemophilus
Brown, Polemophilus (Curate of P-n)
Geddes, Alexander
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Coulthurst, Henry William
Gibson, Matthew (1734-1790)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Orphanotropheus (Halle a.d. Saale)
Schwarz, Ildephonsus
Vater, Joannes Severinus (1771-1826)
Vater, Johann Severin (1771-1826)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Abhandlung über Moses und die Verfasser des Pentateuchs
answer to the Bishop of Comana's pastoral letter. By a protesting Catholic, An
apology for slavery, An ; or, six cogent arguments against the immediate abolition of the slave-trade
avocat du diable: the devil's advocate, L' ; or, Satan versus Pictor. Tried before the Court of uncommon pleas
Banks of the Maine. -, The
Bardomachia poema macaronico-Latinum
battle of B-ng-r; or the Church's triumph; a comic-heroic poem, in nine cantos, The
Bible + N.T.
Christmas greetings, Decenber 25, 1908 : a little sermon
Commentar über den Pentateuch
Critical remarks on the Hebrew Scriptures, 1800:
Critical remarks on the hebrew scriptures corresponding with a new tranlation of the Bible.
Doctor Geddes's address to the public, on the publication of the first volume of his new translation of the Bible.
Dr. Geddes's general answer to the queries, counsils, and criticisms that have been communicated to him since the publication of his proposals for printing a new translation of the Bible
Epistola macaronica ad fratrem, de iis quæ gesta sunt in nupero dissentientium conventu, Londini habito ... A macaronic epistle, &c. with an English version
General answer to the queries comunicated to him since the publication*. -
Holy Bible, or the books accounted sacred by Jews and Christians ... faithfully translated from corrected texts of the originals. With ... notes ... By the Rev. Alexander Geddes ..., The
Holy Bible, or, The books accounted sacred by Jews and Christians, The : otherwise called the books of the Old and New Covenants
Holy Bible, or the sacred books accounted sacred by jews and christians ... Faithfully translated from corrected texts of the originals. With various readings, explabatory notes, and critical remarks., The
[Kommentar über den Pentateuch]. - 1802 -
Letter to a member of Parliament, on the case of the Protestant dissenters; and the expediency of a general repeal of all penal statutes that regard religious opinions
letter to the R.R. the Archbishops and Bishops of England; pointing out the only sure means of preserving the Church from the dangers that now threaten her. By an upper-graduate, A
Letter to the Rev. Dr. Priestley; in which the author attempts to prove ... that the divinity of Jesus Christ was a primitive tenet of Christianity. By the Rev. Alex. Geddes, L.L.D
Lettre ... to John Douglass bishop ... and vicar apostolic in the Lond*. -
Linton, a Tweedale pastoral. By A. Geddes, L.L.D
modest Apology for the Roman Catholics of Great Britain. -, A
new translation of the Holy Bible. From corrected texts of the originals, &c. Vol. I. Tome I. containing the books of Genesis and Exodus. And part of Leviticus. By the Rev. Alexander Geddes, LL. D., A
New Year's gift to the good people, 1798:, A
Norfolk tale; or, a journal from London to Norwich: with a prologue and an epilogue, A
Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge. By H.W. C-T, D.D. &c. Published by request: and now, (for the sake of freshmen and the laity,) by request translated, into English metre, by H.W. Hopkins, A.M.
sermon, preached on the day of general fast, February 27, 1799. By Polemophilus Brown, formerly curate, now vicar of P-N, A
vulgarium S. Scripturae versionum vitiis ... libellus. -, De
vulgarium Sacrae Scripturae versionum vitiis eorumque remediis libellus, De