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Ali, A. Hameed
Ali, Hameed
Almaas, A. H.
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Davis, John John V.
Davis, John V.
Being and the meaning of life
Brilliancy : the essence of intelligence
Diamantové srdce I.
Diamantové srdce II
Diamantový přístup : úvod do učení A.H. Almaase
diamond approach, The : an introduction to the teachings of A.H. Almaas
diamond heart book five: inexhaustible mystery
diamond heart book four: indestructible innocence
diamond heart book one: elements of the real in man
diamond heart book three: being and the meaning of life
diamond heart book two: the freedom to be
Elements of the real in man
Elementy pravé lidské podstaty
elixir of enlightenment, 1984:, The
enfoque diamante, 2001, El
enfoque diamante, El : introducción a las enseñanzas de A. H. Almaas
essence with the elixir of enlightenment: the diamond approach to inner realization
Facets of unity : the enneagram of holy ideas
freedom to be, The
Gnosis magazine, Fall 1992:
Indestructible innocence
Inexhaustible mystery
inner journey home: soul's realization of the unity of reality, the
inner journey home, The : soul's realization of the unity of reality
Luminous night's journey : an autobiographical fragment
pearl beyond price, The : integration of personality into being : an object relations approach
point of existence, The : transformations of narcissism in self-realization
power of divine eros, The : illuminating force of love in everyday life
Runaway realization : living a life of ceaseless discovery
Spacecruiser inquiry : true guidance for the inner journey
Svoboda bytí
unfolding now: realizing your true nature through the practice of presence, the
unfolding now, The : realizing your true nature through the practice of presence
void: inner spaciousness and ego structure (2nd ed.), the
void, The : a psychodynamic investigation of the relationship between mind and space
void, The : inner spaciousness and ego structure