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Haffkine, Valdemar
Haffkine, W. M.
Haffkine, Waldemar
Haffkine, Waldémar M.
Haffkine, Waldemar-Mordecai
Haffkine, Waldémar Mordecai Wolff
Haffkine, Waldemar Mordecai Wolffe
Хавкин, Владимир Ааронович
Хавкин, Владимир Мордехай
חבקין, מרדכי זאב
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Bannerman, W.-B.
Bannerman, William Burney
Baruk, Henri (1897-1999)
Fondation Sefer Paris
Pinkhof, H. (1863-1943)
Pinkhof, Herman (1863-1943)
Новороссийское общество естествоиспытателей
Accidental inoculation with virus of plague
Anti-cholera inoculation. Report to the government of India, by W. M. Haffkine
Anti-choleraic inoculations in India, by W. M. Haffkine
Conversazione on the preventive inoculation against plague, held by... W. M. Haffkine in the cantonment magistrate's office, in Poona, on the 3rd January 1898..., A
Discourse on preventive inoculation, delivered at the Royal society, London, on June 8, 1899, by W. W. Haffkine,..., A
Experiment on the effect of protective inoculation in the epidemic of plague at Undhera, Taluka Baroda, February and March, 1898, by... W. M. Haffkine
Inoculation accident at Manila, P. I., in 1906, by W. M. Haffkine and accidental inoculation with virus of plague [by Paul C. Freer], The
Inoculations antipesteuses, par W. M. Haffkine, Les
Joint report on the epidemic of plague in lower Damaun (Portuguese India) and on the effect of preventive inoculation there, by... W. M. Haffkine and... Lyons,...
Lecture on vaccination against cholera delivered in the... conjoint board of the royal colleges of physicians of London,... by W. M. Haffkine, A
levenskracht van het Joodsche volk, De
Note on the methods of mitigating the death-rate from cholera. [Signé : W. M. Haffkine, 19th September 1910.]
On prophylactic inoculation against plague and pneumonia, by W. M. Haffkine,...
On prophylatic inoculation against plague and pneumonia
On the present methods of combating the plague, by W. M. Haffkine,...
Plague prophylactic fluid. (Notes on the treatise on "Pest", by..., A. Dieudonné and,... R. Otto, in Kolle and Wassermann's "Handbuch der pathogenen Mikroorganism"), by W. M. Haffkine, The
Protective inoculation against cholera, by W. M. Haffkine,...
Report on the preventive inoculations against plague in the Khoja community of Bombay, during the epidemic of 1897-98, by W. M. Haffkine
Serum-therapy of plagne in India ; reports...
Serum-therapy of plague in India, reports by Mr. W. M. Haffkine,... and various officers of the Plague research laboratory, Bombay. Edited, with an introduction, by lieut.-col. W. B. Bannerman,...
Summarised report on the Bombay Plague Research Laboratory, for 1896-1902
Vaccination contre le choléra, la peste bubonique et la fièvre typhoïde, et les expériences de bactériothérapie, notes bibliographiques par W. M. Haffkine,..., La
Vaccinations anticholériques aux Indes, par W. M. Haffkine, Les
Vitalité du peuple juif. [Préface du Dr Henri Baruk.], La
Zapiski Novorossiskago obshchestva estestvoispytatelei
Записки Новороссійскаго общества естествоиспытателей