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Baba, Meher
Baba, Meher (name in religion)
Bābā, Mehera
Bābā, Mehera (name in religion)
Irānī, Meherwanji Shereriyarji
Irani, Merwan Sheriar
Meher, Baba
Meher, Baba (name in religion)
Mehera, Bābā
Mehera, Bābā (name in religion)
Merwan Sheriar Irani
אוטר מהר באבא
אירני, מהרונג'י שרריארג'י
אירני, מרואן שריאר
באבא, מהר
בבא, מהר
מהר באבא
מהר בבא
מרואן שריאר אירני
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Adámek, Aleš
Bhāū Kalacurī
Donkin, William
Jessawala, Eruch
Klein, Steve (1948-)
Nijs-van Aggelen, Nardy de
Stevens, Don E.
Weiss, Jacques (1894-1987)
בן שמאי, רות קרי
בקר, עציון
סיון, מיכל נמו
פטרסון, אליזבת
84 questions & answers on Avatar Meher Baba
advancing stream of life, The : its mystery, meaning, and purpose : compiled from books by Meher Baba.
Ahambhāva va tyācā lopā
Alles en niets
Amola bola
answer, The : conversations with Meher Baba
Avatar Meher Baba's final declaration, 30th Sept. 1954, clarification 20 Nov. 1954, confirmation 3 Feb. 1955, decision, 10 April 1955.
Avatār Śrī Meharbābā caritāmr̥tamu, 1994:
Avatāra, svārthīpaṇā, prārthanece rahasya
Beams from Meher Baba on the spiritual panorama.
Bhāū Kalacurī. Pūjā, 1964 (subj.)
Determined to be His : [stories shared by Eruch in Mandali Hall]
Dieu parle le thème de la création et son but
Discours choisis
Early messages to the West
Echoes : a Meher Baba reader.
Écoute, ô humanité
everything and the nothing, The
Gems from The discourses of Meher Baba.
God speaks, 1955:
God speaks; the theme of creation and its purpose.
God to man and man to God : the discourses of Meher Baba
Hazrat Babajan : the emperor of spiritual realm of her time
introductory sketch on the life and work of Avatar Meher Baba and his expositions, I. New humanity-hope for the future, II. Seven realities of his teachings, III. Existence is substance-life is shadow, IV. God the father and God the mother, V. Bhatki Yoga, VI. Love and devotion, VII. Spiritual potential of the film world; some messages and sayings, prayers, An
Letters from the mandali of Avatar Meher Baba
Life at its best.
Life is a jest.
Listen, humanity
Love personified : photographs of Avatar Meher Baba
mastery of consciousness, The : an introduction and guide to practical mysticism and methods of spiritual development
Meher Baba on God-realization : the practical side of self-realization.
Meher Baba on inner life : the mystical side of self-realization.
Meher Baba on love.
Meher Baba on the problem of sex & the sanctity of married life : with a warning on the means of birth control.
Meher Baba on war
Mehera gītikā
Messages of Meher Baba, delivered in the East and West
Narrow lane, The
Not we but one
nothing and the everything, The
path of love, The
Questions Meher Baba answered.
Sahavas in the company of God
Sãskārabandha : utpatti, kārya, va nirāsa
secret of sleep, The : the mystery of man's relation with God
Shri Meher Baba, the perfect master; questions and answers.
Śrīmehera Bābā kā jyotirmaya jīvana aura usa jīvana ke kucha sandeśa.
Śrīmeherabābā yāñce adhyātmapara lekha va sandeśa
Stories of life with Meher Baba
That's how it was : stories of life with Meher Baba
Three talks
Universal prayer
Utkrānti, janmaparamparā, va mokshamārga
Všechno a nic
wayfarers, The : an account of The work of Meher Baba with the God-intoxicated, and also with advanced souls, Sadhus, and the poor : fully illustrated with many photographs and maps
Ways to attain the supreme reality.
Yudgha ke vishayapara
בעקבות האהבה
דברי אלהים חיים
דברי אלוהים חיים : הבריאה ומטרתה
מהר באבא אומר
ספורו של עלי
על המלחמה
שש שיחות
תורתו של אווטאר מהר באבא : כפי שהוכתב לראמג'ו עבדוללה תלמידו של מהר באבא
תורתו של אוטר מהר בבא