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Fulton, Robert
Fulton, Robert (American engineer, painter, 1765-1815)
Robert Fulton
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Colden, Cadwallader D. (1769-1834) (Cadwallader David))
Livingston, Robert R. (1746-1813)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Morris, Gouverneur (1752-1816))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Récicourt, Charles de
Récicourt, François de (1744-1814)
Tipografia Calcográfica, Tipoplástica e Literária do Arco do Cego
United States. Supreme Court
Veloso, José Mariano da Conceição (1742-1811, O.F.M.)
west benjamin
advantages of the proposed canal from Lake Erie to Hudson's River, The : fully illustrated in a correspondence between the Hon. Gouverneur Morris and Robert Fulton, Esq.
case of Gibbons against Ogden, heard and determined in the Supreme Court of the United States, February term, 1824, The : on appeal from the Court of Errors of the State of New York : and involving the constitutionality of the laws of that state, granting to Livingston and Fulton the exclusive navigation of its waters by steam-boats
Concluding address of Mr. Fulton's lecture on the mechanism, practice and effects of torpedoes delivered at Washington, February 17, 1810
examination of Cadwallader D. Colden's book, entitled A life of Robert Fulton, An
invention of the steamboat. An historical account of the application of steam for the propelling of boats;, The
la machine infernale maritime, ou de la tactique offensive et de'fensive de la torpille, De
Letter from the Secretary of the Navy, transmitting sundry documents exhibiting certain preliminary experiments which have been made in the city and harbor of New York : in conformity with the act of Congress entitled An act making an appropriation for the purpose of trying the practical use of the torpedo or sub-marine explosion.
Letters principally to the Right Honourable Lord Grenville on sub-marine navigation and attack : and the effect which such inventions may have on the commerce, fleets, and independence of Great Britain
Memorial & petition of Robert Fulton & Edward P. Livingston in behalf of themselves and the heirs of the late Robert R. Livingston
opinions of the judges of the Supreme Court delivered in the Court of Errors, in the cause of Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton, vs. James Van Ingen and twenty others., The
Plan of the proposed navigable canal from Heyl to Gweek Cornwall, made by Chs. Moody in 1796.
Recherches sur les moyens de perfectionner les canaux de navigation et sur les nombreux avantages de petits canaux..
Recueil Factice.
Report of the practicability of navigating with steam boats, on the southern waters of the United States, from the Chesapeake to the River St. Mary's forming part of a line of steamboat communications, now establishing, from the northern extremity of Lake Champlain to East-Florida, a distance of fifteen hundred miles
Report of the secretary of the Treasury, on the subject of public roads and canals; made in pursuance of a resolution of Senate, of March 2d, 1807. January 15, 1816. Printed by order of the Senate.
Report on the proposed canal between the Rivers Heyl and Helford
Robert Fulton to Aaron Ogden...
Second crisis of america, or a cursory view of the peace lately concluded between great britain and the united states
[Sir, I beg leave to submit to you the following statement of facts with the inferences that may be fairly drawn from them ... relative to the repeal of the second section of an act passed in 1808, and an act passed in 1811, declaring to be forfeited to Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton, all boats of every description navigated by steam or fire within the state, with power to seize the same].
[Submarine ("Submarine Vessel, Submarine Bombs and Mode of Attack") for the United States government.
To Sir Francis Buller, bart., and the gentlemen interested in the Helston Canal
Torpedo war, and submarine explosions
Tratado do melhoramento da navegação por canais
Treatise on the improvement of canal navigation