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Der Gucht, Michael Van
Gucht, M. van der
Gucht, M. Vander
Gucht, M. Vdr
Gucht, Michael
Gucht, Michael Van Der
Gucht, Michael Vander
Gucht, Michiel Van Der
Gutcht, Michiel van der
Michael van der Gucht
Michael Vandergucht
Michiel Van Der Gucht
Van Der Gucht, Michael
Van der Gucht, Michiel
Vander Gucht, M.
Vander Gucht, Michael
Vandergucht, Michael
Vandergucht, Michael (Flemish engraver and illustrator, 1660-1725, active in England)
Vandergutch, Michael
Vandergutch, Michiel
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Barker, Benjamin (16..-17.. libraire)
Castellion, Sébastien (1515-1563)
Genga, Bernardino (1620-1690)
Nicholson, John (16..-17.. libraire)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rapin de Thoyras, M. (1661-1725)
Rapin de Thoyras, Paul (1661-1725)
Stanhope, George (1660-1728)
Thomas a Kempis (1380?-1471)
Toland, John (1670-1722)
Tooke, Benjamin (1642?-1716)
Van der Gucht, Gerard (1696-1776; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
vandergucht benjamin
Whatley, Stephen
Wilson, David (17..-1777)
Acta regia; or, An account of the treaties, letters and instruments between the monarchs of England and foreign powers
Amaltheum botanicum. (i. e.) stirpium indicarum alterum copiæ cornu millenas ad minimum & bis centum diversas species novas & indictas nominatim comprehendens, Leonardi Plukenetii ; quarum sexcenæ & insuper selectis iconibus, æneisque tabulis in gratiam phytosophorum exquisite & summo artificio illustrantur. Opus tempori sacratum.
Anatomia per uso et intelligenza del disegno
Anatomy improv'd and illustrated with regard to the uses thereof in designing: not only laid down from an examen of the bones and muscles of the human body, but also demonstrated and exemplified from the most celebrated antique statues in Rome. Exhibited in a great number of copper plates, with all the figures in various views.
christian pattern, The : or, The imitation of Jesus Christ. Vol. II. Being the genuine works of Thomas à Kempis. Containing four books; viz. The Sighs of a penitent soul. II. A Short Christian directory. III. Of spiritual exercices. IV. Of spiritual entertainments. Translated from the original latin, and recommended by George Hickes, D. D. To which is prefix'd, a large account of the author's life and writings, containing much of the history of those times, never before set forth in English. The second edition revised
christian's pattern, The : or, A treatise of the Imitation of Jesus-Christ. In four books. Written originally in latin by Thomas à Kempis. Now render'd into english. To which are added, Meditations and prayers, for sick persons. By George Stanhope, D. D. dean of Canterbury, and chaplain in ordinary to her Majesty. The sixth edition
christian's pattern, The : or, A treatise of the Imitation of Jesus-Christ. In four books. Written originally in latin by Thomas à Kempis. Now render'd into english. To which are added Meditations and prayers for sick persons. By George Stanhope, D. D. late dean of Canterbury, and chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty. The thirteenth edition.
Dialogues concerning education
Francis Eugene, Prince of Savoy, &c.
Grand, A. An entire body of philosophy ... 1694:, Le
Imitation de Jésus-Christ
James I, King of Great Britain, France, & Ireland, &c
King James the Ist
Leonardi Plukenetii amaltheum botanicum
life of William III. late king of England, and prince of Orange. Containing an account of his family, birth, education, accession to the dignity of stadtholder and captain-general of Holland, his marriage, expedition to England, and the various steps by which he and his princess ascended the throne, with the history of his reign, enterprizes, and conduct in peace or war. And a relation of his will, death, and funeral. Intermixt with very many original papers, letters, memoirs, his publick speeches, declarations, treaties, and alliances, several of which never before printed. Illustrated with divers cuts, medals, &c. The second edition corrected., The
Mausolée qui a esté faict par ordre du Roy aux obsèques et pompes funèbes de la Reyne de la Grande Bretaigne, en l'église de l'abbaye de S.t Denis en France le 20 novembre 1669 [estampe]
Mr John Philips [i.e. Phillips]
Oceana and other works of James Harrington esq;, The
Of true Christianity : four books : wherein is contained the whole economy of God towards man, and the whole duty of man towards God
Ovid's Metamorphoses in fifteen books, 1717:
[Portraits of Don Quixote de la Mancha and other main characters from the story]
[Recueil. Oeuvre de Michael Van der Gucht]
True Christianity
Wahres Christenthum.