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Avakian, Bob
Avakian, Robert Bruce Bob
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Martin, Bill (1956-...)
Away with all Gods! : unchaining the mind and radically changing the world
basics from the talks and writings of bob avakian
Bullets : from the writings, speeches, and interviews of Bob Avakian.
communism and jeffersonian democracy
conquer the world? the international proletariat must and will
Democracy : can't we do better than that?
For a harvest of dragons on the "Crisis of Marxism" and the power of Marxism - now more than ever ; an essay marking the 100th anniversary of Marx's death
From Ike to Mao and beyond, 2005:
From Ike to Mao and beyond : my journey from mainstream America to revolutionary communist : a memoir
horrible end, or an end to the horror?, A
horrible end: or, the end to the horror?, a
immortal contributions of mao tsetung, the
loss in china and the revolutionary legacy of mao tsetung, the
Mao Tsetung's immortal contributions, 1979?:
Marxism and the call of the future conversations on ethics, history, and politics
Observations on art and culture, science, and philosophy
phony communism is dead … long live real communism! – a response to the claims of the "death of communism"
preaching from a pulpit of bones: we need morality but not traditional morality
Reflections, sketches, and provocations : essays and commentary, 1981-1987