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François Vivarès
Vivarais, François
Vivares, Francis
Vivarès, François
Vivarès, François (French printmaker,1709-1780, active in Great Britain)
Vivarez, Francis
Vivarez, François
Creation class: 
Cartographic material
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Gravelot (1699-1773))
Knapton, C. (fl. 1740)
Rossi, Angelo (1670/94-1742/55))
Sellier, François Noël (1737-18..))
Thiéry de Sainte-Colombe, Luc-Vincent (1734-18..?))
Vaucanson, Jacques (1709-1782))
Visentini, Antonio (1688-1782)
vivares thomas
Wagner, Joseph (1706-1780)
Wailly, Charles de (1729-1798))
Zuccarelli, Francesco (1702-1788))
account of the mechanism of an automaton, or image playing in the German-flute: as it was presented in a Memoire, to the gentlemen of the Royal-Academy of Sciences at Paris. By M. Vaucanson, inventor and maker of the said machine. Together with a Description of an artifial duck, eating, drinking, macerating the food, and voiding excrements; pluming her wings, picking her feathers, and performing several operations in imitation of a living duck: contrived by the same person. As also that of another image, no less wonderful than the first, playing on the Tabor and Pipe; as he has given an account of them since the Memoire was written. Translated out of the French original, by J. T. Desaguliers, L.L.D. F.R.S. Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.., An
enchanted castle
[Guirlande de fleurs et rubans]
Krajobrazy włoskie
mécanisme du fluteur automate, presenté à Messieurs de l'Académie royale des Sciences. Par M. Vaucanson, auteur de cette machine. Avec la description d'un canard artificiel, mangeant, beuvant, digerant & se vuidant, épluchant ses aîles & ses plumes, imitant en diverses maniéres un canard vivant. Inventé par le même. Et aussi celle d'une autre figure, également merveilleuse, jouant du tambourin & de la flute, suivant la rélation, qu'il en a donnée dépuis son Mémoire écrit.., Le
[Modèles de bijoux] : [recueil factice].
New Book of Ornaments consisting of Compartment Decorations of Theaters, Cielings, Chimney Pieces, Doors, Windows & other Beautyful Forms Usefull to Painters, Carvers, Engravers, &c. Invented by Angelo Rosis Florentine. Engrav'd by Ant. Visentini Venitian., A
new map of Turkey in Europe divided into all its provinces, with the adjacent countries in Europe and Asia, A : drawn chiefly from the maps published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg
Paisagem campestre], [
Paisagem com templo antigo], [
Paysages et pastorales gravures.
Plans, elevations, sections, and other ornaments of the mansion-house, Belonging to the corporation of Doncaster by James Paine.
Pro domo mea, 1904 (a.e.)
Recueil de Fontaines, Bosquets, et de Fragmens d'Architecture de divers Auteurs : [recueil factice]
Vista de ruínas romanas], [