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Carroll, B. H.
Carroll, Benajah H.
Carroll, Benajah Harvey
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writer of accompanying material
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Broadus, John Albert (1827-1895)
Burroughs, Prince Emanuel (1871-1948)
Cranfill, J. B. (1858-1942)
Cranfill, James Britton (1858-1942)
Crowder, J. W. (1873-)
Crowder, Joseph Wade (1873- [from old catalog])
Crowder, Joseph Wade (1873-)
George, Denise
George, Timothy
Acts, The
Baptists and their doctrines
book of Genesis, The
book of Revelation, The
books of Exodus and Leviticus, The
books of Numbers to Ruth, The
Christ and His church;
Christian education and some social problems, sermons;
Daniel and the inter-Biblical period
day of the Lord, The
Evangelistic sermons, c1913.
faith that saves; a compilation of pungent pulpit messages on the vitalities of Scripture teaching, The
four Gospels, The
Galatians, Romans, Philippians, Philemon
Hebrew monarchy, The
Holy Spirit; comprising a discussion of the Paraclete, the other self of Jesus, and other phases of the work of the Spirit of God, The
Inspiration of the Bible; a discussion of the origin, the authenticity and the sanctity of the oracles of God
interpretation of the English Bible, ed., An
James, I and II Thessalonians and I and II Corinthians
Jesus the Christ; a compilation of sermons concerning Our Lord and Savior, and touching upon the mountainpeaks of His earthly life and His messiahship
Messages on prayer : comprising pungent and penetrating sermons on a subject perenially vital to every Christian
Pastoral epistles of Paul and I and II Peter, Jude, I, II and III John, The
Patriotism and prohibition : addresses and articles
providence of God; comprising heart-searching sermons on vital themes concerning God and his overruling providence among men, The
Saved to serve, comprising appealing and vital messages on the duties of Christians to give of their time, thought and means to God
Studies in Genesis
Studies in Romans
Ten commandments, The
way of the cross, comprising a luminous discussion of both the law and the gospel, The