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Een die de verlossinge van Sions zaet soeckt, ende ([...] een quaker genaemt wordt. J.N.)
J, N.
J. N, James Naylor
N, I.
N, J.
N, James Naylor
Nailer, James
Nailor, James
Nayler, Jacobus
Nayler, Jakobus
Nayler, James
Naylor, Iames
Naylor, James
One that sought the redemption of Zions seed
ca. 1617-1660
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Auteur (voor de, -)
Burrough, Edward (1634-1662)
Calvert, Giles (Londen)
Coghen, John (1644-1674 fl)
Cunradus, Christoffel (Amsterdam)
Furnier, Isaac
Hawkins, Evamaria
S.n. (Londen)
S.n. (S.l.)
Smith, William -1673
Alle idele kijvers, nabootsers ende ligtvaerdige persoonen uit de schriftuer gesloten, dewelke niet geleit en zijn door den selven geest diese uit gegeven heeft ...
answer to a book called The Quakers cathechism, put out by Richard Baxter, An
Behold you rulers, and hearken proud men ... 1660:
clouded Quaker star, 1999:, The
Deceit brought to day-light: in an answer to Thomas Collier, what he hath declared in a book called, A dialogue between a minister, and a Christian: but by his fruits hee is tryed and found to be neither. In which answer his lies are returned for the founder to prove; his errors laid open, read, and reproved, and he found to be the same in deeds which he accuses the Quakers to be in words ...
Deceit brought to daylight, 1656.
Having heard that some have wronged my words ... 1659:
Iets van de waerheyt geopenbaert
Liefde tot de verloorene: ende een handt uyt-gestreckt tot de hulpeloose, om uyt het duyster te leyden. : Waer in klaerlijck vertoont zijn verscheyde bysondere dingen, gelijck sy van Christo geleert zijn ...
Love to the lost
Melk voor kinderkens; ende spijse voor de starcke. Eene maeltijt van vettigheyt, ende wijn die wel gesuyvert is, op de heffe ...
memoir of the life, ministry, trial, and sufferings of james nayler
Milk for babes and meat for strong men a feast of fat things : wine well refined on the lees
misslagen en valscheden wederleydt, die gevonden zijn in de extracten uyt de schriften van Jacob Adriaensz. van oudts genaemt Mr. Jans:, De : tegen een volck Quakers genaemt, welcke onschuldigh zijn van 't gene hy haer oplegt. Mede (een extract uyt) James Naylors bekentenis (door hem in druck uytgegeven,) van sijne afwijckinge, tegens welcke de Quakers getuyght hebben, eer het voor de werelt bekent was ..
refutation of some of the more modern misrepresentations of the society of friends commonly called quakers, with a life of james nayler
relation of the life, conversion, examination, confession, and sentence of james nayler, a
Salutation to the seede of god. or a call out of babylon, and egypt, from amongst the magitians, where the house of bondage is, and the imaginations rules above the seed of god also that which is perfect made manifest, even everlasting righteoosness [sic], which endures for all generations, who will receive it and beleeve therein, which is sions glory, christ with his life and power, made manifest in mortall flesh. with the way to him, set forth, most for such as groane for freedome from the power of sin; but may be serviceable to all who loves his appearance. also a testimony from christ what he is in this world, and where he is; written to such as are imagining such a christ as they would have, but cannot receive the same that is from the beginning, and in the same way manifest. also a sute to such rulers, magistrates, and governours, as have not wholly hardened their hearts, and stopt the eare against the voyce of the spirit, that they may heare and their soules may live, and they be established a blessing to the nations. written in love to all your soules, by him who is called james naylor
Several papers of confessions, prayer, and praise, concerning his fall and restoration
sorrows of the quaker jesus: james nayler and the puritan crackdown on the free spirit, the
There is a spirit that I feel ...
To all the dearly beloved people of God, mercy and peace
tracts of nayler
true ministers living of the Gospel, distinguished from the false ministers living upon tithes and forced maintenance ..., The
Weakness above wickedness, and trvth above svbtily.