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Brown, M.
Brown, Mather
Brown, Mather (American painter, 1761-1831)
M. Brown
Mather Brown
Creation class: 
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Related names: 
Eginton, John (17..-1... graveur)
Georges IV roi de Grande-Bretagne (1762-1830)
Hennin, Michel (1777-1863)
Jee and Eginton (17..-1..)
Orme, Daniel (1766?-1802?)
Orme, E. (17..-18.. éditeur)
Tomkins, Peltro William (1760-1840)
Vinck, Carl de (1859-19.)
west benjamin
York, Frederick Augustus (1763-1827 duc d')
Description of the grand historical picture of the memorable attack on the hills of Famars, before Valenciennes... [estampe]
Key to Mr. Orme's print of the battle of Falmars...
Lord Howe's victory on the glorious first of June 1794 [estampe]
Mather Brown, early American artist in England, c1982 (subj.)
R.t hon.ble Richard Earl Howe [estampe], The
[Recueil. Oeuvre de Mather Brown]
Son Altesse Royale George prince de Galles. Cette estampe représentant la derniére entrevue de Louis Seize avec Sa famile..., A
To his Royal Highness George prince of Wales. This plate, representing the final interwiew of Louis the Sixteenth with his Family... [estampe]
To His Royal Highness the Duke of York This Print of the Memorable Attack upon the French Camp on the hills of Famars near Valenciennes by the Hanoverian Corp de Garde & Combined Armies Under the Command of His Royal Highness on the 23.d of May 1793, ... [estampe]