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C. C, Christopher Cartwright
Cartwright, Christopher
Cartwright, Christophorus
Cartwrighte, Christophorus
Cartwrightus, Christophorus
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Language material
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Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)
Robinson, Jonathan (Londen)
Simons, Nevil (Londen)
account of my consideration of the friendly, modest, learned Animadversions of Mr. Chr. Cartwright of York, on my Aphorisms
Annotationes in Exodum
answer to Dr. Tullies angry letter
Certamen religiosum or, a conference. -
critici sacri
doctrine of faith, 1650:, The
Electa thargumico-rabbinica ... in Genesin. -
Electa thargumico-rabbinica, sive, Annotationes in Exodum : ex triplici thargum, seu Chaldaica paraphrasi, nempe Onkeli, Jonathanis, & Hierosolymitana : item ex commentariis rabbinorum, nempe Salomonis Jarchi, Aben Ezrae & Abrabaneelis : nec non ex Libro radicum, seu Lexico R. Davidis Kimchi, & ex aliorum vel Hebraeorum, vel Hebraizantium scriptis excerptae ...
Electa Thargumico-Rabbinica sive Annotationes in Genesim. -
Exceptions against a writing of Mr. R. Baxters, in answer to some Animadversions upon his Aphorisms
Exceptions against the writing of Mr. R. Baxters. -
Of the imputation of Christ's righteousness to believers
practical and polemical commentary or exposition on the whol*. -, A
substance of Mr. Cartwright's Exceptions considered
treatise of justifying righteousness, in two books: I. A treatise of imputed rightheousness, opening and defending the true sense, and confuting the false, with many of Dr. Tullies reasonings against truth, peace, and me: with an answer to Dr. Tullies letter adjoyned. II. A friendly debate with the learned and wordthy Mr. Christopher Cartwright, containing: 1. His Animadversions on my Aphorisms, with my answer. 2. His Exceptions against that answer. 3. My reply to the Summe of the controversies agitated in those Exceptions., A : all published instead of a fuller answer to the assaults in Dr. Tullies Justificatio Paulina, ...