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Elizabeth Shippen Green
Elliott, Elisabeth Shippen Green
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth Shippen
Elliott, Elizabeth Shippen Green
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Elizabeth Shippen
Green, Elizabeth Shippen (American painter and illustrator, 1871-1954)
Huger Elliott, Elizabeth
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Donnell, Annie Hamilton (1862-)
Harper & Brothers
Lamb, Charles (1775-1834)
Lamb, Mary
pyle howard
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Smith, Jessie Willcox (1863-1935)
Turner, Harold J.
Van Dyke, Henry (1852-1933)
Yohn, F. C. (1875-1933)
Yohn, Frederick Coffay (1875-1933)
Cuentos de Shakespeare
He stammered out "W-won't" to Miss Maria who asked him to kiss her
He stood smiling out on the moon-scattered darkness
He was determined that every plant should prosper
His face assumed a deadly pallor -- the paper was a blank
How they say and narrate and the tale is told
How they sing
I'll help you take care of him
I'm here, she announced timidly, to whom it might concern
If she had ceased to be a dryad in a wood, it was to become the Armida of an enchanted garden
In the chair of judgement
It's all right, you shall be urged plenty enough
It took Angela time to adjust herself
It was a crib -- there were two bundle-beds! --
It was to postpone as long as possible the moment for turning around
It was worse than creepy, creaking noises
journey, The
Kenneth was the bookish one
kind of jealousy of her daughter for one strange moment possessed her -- jealousy of youth and love and opening life, A : or the evening seemed to halo and caress her
Lady Clemency drew aside the ...
Life had been almost too strong and beautiful
[Life was made for love and cheer]
Like Montaigne, I love the city of Paris
Lovely woman
M. [i.e. Monsieur] Joly stopped before its one dingy window
Madame, he said, bowing, I owe you a thousand apologies for disturbing you at this hour
Madame Joly in no wise resembled the Madonna Botticelli in the Louvre : poor little one! she murmured, resting her cheek on the brown hair
Making islands
mammoth thing stirred -- lifted -- swung, The
[Man and woman standing beside fountain and urn with monkey atop]
mansion, The
master's choice, The
May Percy
[Men in discussion in police station]
Miguela, kneeling still, put it to her lip
Monsieur Brisson visibly shuddered and paled
Monsieur de Balloy has asked for your hand
Monsieur Fromagin, left alone among his epiceries, chuckled audibly
Monsieur Joly dropped it gently into the Seine
Monsieur Joly preferred society to solitude
More than once I found the tea-set spread out in the garden
Morning service in Old Chester rarely saw such elegance
myselfe and my servannts [i.e. servants], I
Now, won't old Max turn green with envy?
observed it -- a new ceiling, I
[Old man looking up from book towards fireplace]
On the rocks a poet stood with uncovered head
opened my arithmetic at random, I
Other things can help you too : don't you need them?
Out came their sabers and they was at me howlin' wit glee
Over her frame she would fall asleep
Pausing in her work, as a hint for him to advance
Perhaps it would be better if I went away without telling you this
petal from the rose illustrations by Elizabeth Shippen Green, an exhibition in the Swann Gallery of Caricature and Cartoon., A
Phil's Hallowe'en
Rebecca Mary
Reminiscences of old Germantown.
Rising vigorously out of the earth was a little rose bush
Rose of the Dawn, he used to call me
shape moved suddenly past me into the flame, A
She appeared in the doorway with an armful of snowy feathers
She called it a New England tapestried chamber
She had raised her eyes and looked at him swiftly
She murmured, the way I drew you here -- by longing -- you can return of yourself, you must take me
She sank to the ground and rested against the stone, and shut her eyes
She stares at me, then asks "are you a British soldier?"
She stayed there -- a week -- a month -- a year
She went half way down the steps
So haunted at moonlight with bat and owl and ghostly moth --
strange company, wizard, and ghostly, wandering over the snow, A
suitable child, The
Tales from Shakespeare
Their inquiries to right and left brought no result
Then, at last, Monsieur Poverel saw daylight
There was something touching in Ellice's happiness
They dont't call them second-hand, they call them antiques
This morning he found her all girlish gentleness and appeal
very small person, The
visitor in the morning sky: an impression of Halley's Comet in the early morning heavens, with Venus and the decrescent moon as its attendants, A
wall garden, The
We too will have a garden some day
Welcome, said the old man : will you come with us
Well, quoth Arpeggio, it's real nice to be eating along side of you ; Banning, she said, might be like that, Mr. Shadd
What has happened is droll beyond imagining
What is it, sonny? asked the florist
When spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil -- Heber
Who is going with you, she asked
wind blowing off the glacier fluttering her gown, The
Wit' the roarin' an the archie guns, I gathered her in me arms
[Woman in bonnet bending over roses]
[Woman in garden]
[Woman looking out window]
[Woman picking roses with man by brick wall]
[Woman seated near man with spectacles pointing at document]
Won't you eat just one more kernal [i.e. kernel], Thomas Jefferson?
years seemed all at once to have passed into a gray eclipse, The
Yes indeed, Ben, it was quite right for him
You are thrusting aside life without knowing what it means