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Author of A plan for improving female education
Author of The republic of America
Hart, Emma
Plan for improving female education, Author of
Republic of America, Author of
Willard, Emma
Willard, Emma H.
Willard, Emma Hart
Willard (Mrs)
Williards, Emma
Yates, Emma Willard
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Beecher, Catharine Esther (1800-1878)
Embury, Emma Catherine (1806-1863)
Goodsell, Willystine (1870-1962)
Lutz, Alma
Lyon, Mary (1797-1849)
Mitchell, Maria (1818-1889)
Salmon, Lucy Maynard (1853-1927)
Wiley, Barbara
Willard, Emma (1787-1870)
Woodbridge, William C. (1794-1845)
Woodbridge, William Channing (1794-1845)
Abridged history of the United States, or, Republic of America
Abridgement of the history of the United States, or, Republic of America. - 1830 -
address to the public, particularly to the members of the legislature of New-York, proposing a plan for improving female education, An
Advancement of female education or, A series of addresses in favor of establishing at Athens, in Greece, a female seminary, especially designed to instruct female teachers
Ancient geography, 1822:
Answer to Marcius Willson's reply ; or, Second appeal to the public.
Astronography, or, Astronomical geography, with the use of globes : arranged either for simultaneous reading and study in classes, or for study in the common method
Atlas, to accompany A system of universal history, 1839:
Atlas to accompany A system of universal history : containing I. a chronological picture of nations, or perspective sketch of the course of empire, II. the progressive geography of the world in a series of maps adapted to the different epochas of the history
Compendio de la historia de los Estados Unidos, ó, República de América.
Emma Willard, 1983, c1964:
Emma Willard : daughter of democracy
fulfilment of a promise, the
Geography for beginners; or, the instructer's [sic] assistant ...
Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika. -
Geschichte von Nordamerika bis 1848. -
guide to the temple of time and universal history for schools
History of the United States, or, republic of America: exhibited in connexion with its chronology and progressive geography, by means of a series of maps ... Designed for schools and private libraries.
Journal and letters, from France and Great-Britain.
journals and letters from france and great britain
Last leaves of American history: comprising a separate history of California.
Last leaves of American history : comprising histories of the Mexican War and California
Late American history: containing a full account of the courage, conduct, and success of John C. Fremont;
morals for the young
mrs. emma willard, memoirs of teachers, educators and promoters of education leterature and science
Mrs. Willard's plan of female education
papers of Emma Hart Willard, 1787-1870, The
Pioneers of women's education in the United States: Emma Willard, Catherine Beecher, Mary Lyon.
plan for improving female education, A
Progressive education, commencing with the infant.
Rocked in the cradle of the deep
series of maps to Willard's History of the United States, or, Republic of America. Designed for schools and private libraries., A
system of fulfillment of a promise, a
system of universal geography ancient and modern, on the principles of comparison and classification, a
system of universal history, 1835:, A
system of universal history, in perspective, A : accompanied by an atlas, exhibiting chronology in a picture of nations, and progressive geography in a series of maps
Theory of circulation by respiration. Synopsis of its principles and history.
treatise on the motive powers which produce the circulation of the blood, a
Universal geography, ancient and modern; on the principles of comparison and classification. Modern geography
Universal history in perspective: divided into three parts ancient, middle, and modern.
Via media: a peaceful and permanent settlement of the slavery question.
War songs, 1862:
Willard's historic guide. Guide to the Temple of time; and universal history for schools.
Woman and the higher education
woodbridge and willard geographies and atlases, the
Woodbridge and Willard's universal geography ...