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Drooker, Eric
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Ginsberg, Allen (1926-1997)
Blood song : a silent ballad
Blood song une ballade silencieuse
[Double page spread from Flood! a novel in pictures, left panel shows close up of gaunt Everyman's face, right shows same figure ascending subway station alone in the rain]
[Double page spread from Flood! a novel in pictures, sequence of panels on left show armed military figures confronting and attacking a group of musicians with Everyman; right panel shows rainstorm and flooding of city]
[Eskimos rescue a stranded hunter and return to their igloo]
[Everyman drawing scenes of Eskimo hunters in his studio as flood waters rise]
[Everyman enters a carnival sideshow gallery of freaks]
[Everyman wanders in the rain, without an umbrella, through a street of sex-related businesses, surrounded by people with umbrellas]
[Everyman wanders outside in the rain, without an umbrella, surrounded by people with umbrellas]
Flood! : a novel in pictures
Flood! c1992:
Flood ! déluge ! : un roman graphique
Flut! ein Roman in Bildern
Howl : a graphic novel
[http://drooker.com/books/bloodsong.html blood song: a silent ballad]
[http://drooker.com/books/flood.html flood! a novel in pictures]
[http://drooker.com/books/illuminated.html illuminated poems']' (with allen ginsberg). (1992) four walls eight windows. isbn 1-56858-070-3* [http://drooker.com/books/street_posters.html
Illuminated poems
[Metropolis with clouds]
[Original artwork for Flood! A Novel in Pictures]
[People with umbrellas walking in the rain]
Street posters and ballads
Street posters & ballads : a selection of poems, songs & graphics