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MacGillivray, W.
Macgillivray, William
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Audubon, John James (1785-1851)
Brown, Thomas (1785-1862)
Humboldt, Alexander von (1769-1859)
Lankester, Edwin (1814-1874))
Ralph, Robert
Richard, Achille (1794-1852)
Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)
Smith, James Edward (1759-1828; Sir))
Withering, William (1741-1799. [from old catalog])
Alexander von Humboldt's reisen und forschungen.
birds of America, from drawings made in the United States and their territories, The
British quadrupeds.
conchologist's text-book, The : Embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and Linnaeus, with a glossary of technical terms.
Descriptions of the rapacious birds of Great Britain
Elements of botany and vegetable physiology, including the characters of the natural families of plants
Hebridean naturalist's journal, 1817 - 1818, A
history of British birds, indigenous and migratory, A : including their organization, habits and relations : remarks on classification and nomenclature : an account of the principal organs of birds, and observations relative to practical ornithology
history of British quadrupeds, A : with memoir and portrait of Ulysses Aldrovandi
history of the molluscous animals of aberdeen, banff and kincardine, a
history of the molluscous animals of Scotland, A : as found in the North-eastern district, particularly in the shires of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff ; to which is appended an account of the Cirripedal animals of the same district
history of the molluscous animals of the counties of Aberdeen, Kincardine and Banff, to which is appended an account of the cirripedal animals of the same district, A
internal structure of fossil vegetables found in the carboniferous and oolitic deposits of great britain, the
introduction to physiological and systematical botany, An
life, travels, and researches of Baron Humboldt, The : with continuation, giving a narrative of Humboldt's celebrated journey in Central Asia...
Lives of eminent zoologists, 1834:
Lives of eminent Zoologists from Aristoteles to Linnaeus. -
Lives of eminent zoologists from Aristotle to Linnæus : with introductory remarks on the study of natural history and occasional observations on the progress of zoology
manual of botany, comprising vegetable anatomy and physiology, a
manual of british ornithology, a
manual of geology, A
natural history of Dee Side and Braemar, The
natural history of deeside and braemar
Ornithological biography, or An account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America; accompanied by descriptions of the objects represented in the work entitled The birds of America, and interspersed with delineations of American scenery and manners.
Reisen und Forschungen des Freiherrn Alexander von Humboldt, Die : eine gedrängte Darstellung seiner Reisen in den Aequinoctial-Gegenden von Amerika und im asiatischen Russland, mit beständiger Rücksicht auf seine wichtigsten Forschungen
systematic arrangement of british plants, a
travels and researches of Alexander von Humboldt, The : being a condensed narrative of his journeys in the equinoctial regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia; together with analyses of his more important investigations
Voyage aux régions équinoxiales. 1838.
walk to London, A
William MacGillivray - creatures of air, land and sea [photographs taken from the books and portrait collections of the Natural History Museum, London]
Withering's British plants : the flowering plants and ferns of Great Britain and Ireland, arranged according to the Linnæan system ...