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Bell, Giov
Bell, Giovanni
Bell, Joannes
Bell, John
Bell, John ((surgeon))
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Armstrong, John (1784-1829)
Bell, Charles (1774-1842)
Estor, J. L. E.
Heinroth, Johann Christian August (1773-1843))
Rosenmüller, Johann Christian (1771-1820))
Schroeter, Johann Friedrich (1770-1836))
Smith, John Augustine (1782-1865)
Solenghi, V.
Weidmannsche Buchhandlung
anatomy and physiology of the human body. By John and Charles Bell., The
anatomy and physiology of the human body. Containing the anatomy of the bones, muscles, and joints; and the heart and arteries:, The
anatomy of the human body. ... By John Bell, surgeon., The
anatomy of the human body. Contining the anatomy of the bones, muscles, and joints, The
anatomy of the human body ... Illustrated with one hundred and twenty-five engravings ..., The
Answer for the junior members of the Royal College of Surgeons, of Edinburgh, to the Memorial of Dr. James Gregory
Bells Anatomie
Considérations théoriques et pratiques sur ces maladies.
Discorsi di Giovanni Bell sulla natura e sul modo di curare le ferite. -
Discourses on the nature and cure of wounds, 1795:
Discourses on the nature and cure of wounds ... By John Bell, Surgeon.
Discourses on the nature and cure of wounds : I. of generals : of procuring adhesion, of wounded arteries, of gun-shot wounds, of the medical treatment of wounds : II. of particulars : of wounds of the breast, of wounds of the belly, of wounds of the head, of wounds of the throat : III. of dangerous wounds of the limbs, of the question of amputation
Discourses on the nature and cure of wounds : I. Of generals. Of procuring adhesion. Of wounded arteries. Of gunshot wounds. Of the medical treatment of wounds. II. Of particulars. Of wounds of the breast. Of wounds of the belly. Of wounds of the head. Of wounds of the throat. III. Of dangerous wounds of the limbs. Of the question of amputation ...
Discourses on the nature and cure of wounds in two volumes
Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de febre maligna, quae, anno 1779, legionem de Buccleugh afflixit. Quam, annuente summo numine, ex auctoritate Reverendi admodum viri, D. Gulielmi Robertson, S.S.T.P. Academiæ Edinburgenæ præfecti; nec non amplissimi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissimae facultatis medicæ decreto; pro gradu doctoratus, summisque in medicina honoribus et priviliegiis rite et legitime consequendis; eruditorum examini subjicit Joannes Bell, Britannus, Soc. Med. Edin. Sod. Ad diem 12. Septembris, hora locoque solitis.
Engravings of the bones, muscles and joints
inquiry into the causes which produce, and the means of preventing diseases among British officers, soldiers, and others in the West Indies. Containing observations on the ... action of spirituous liquors on the human body; on the use of malt liquor, and on salted provisions; ... By John Bell, An
John Bell's Zergliederung des menschlichen Körpers : zum Behuf des Selbststudiums und akademischer Vorlesungen. T. 1-2
Lectures on the morbid anatomy, nature, and treatment, of acute and chronic diseases;
Letters on professional character and manners: on the education of a surgeon, and the duties and qualifications of a physician: addressed to James Gregory, M.D. ...
Memorial concerning the present state of military and naval surgery. Addressed several years ago to the Right Honourable Earl Spencer ... and now submitted to the public. By John Bell, surgeon
Observations on Italy.
principles of surgery, as they relate to wounds, ulcers, fistulæ, aneurisms, wounded arteries, fractures of the limbs, tumors, the operations of trepan and lithotomy. Also of the duties of the military and hospital surgeon., The
principles of surgery by John Bell., The
Traité des plaies, ou considérations théoriques, et pratiques sur ces maladies
Zergliederung des menschlichen Körpers. - 1806-