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Campo, Ricardo del
Campo, Richard del
Del Campo, Ricardo
Del Campo, Richard
F, R.
F, Richard Field
Feild, Richard
Field, R.
Field, Rich
Field, Richard
Field, Richard ((printer))
Field, Richardus
R. F
R. F, Richard Field
Ricardo del Campo
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Barrett, William -1624
Dexter, Robert (d. 1603)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Fenton, Geoffrey (ca. 1539-1608)
Guicciardini, Francesco (1483-1540)
Hitchcock, Ethan Allen (1798-1870)
Man, Thomas (d. 1625)
Ponsonby, William (1546?-1604)
Sandys, George (1578-1644)
Spenser, Edmund (1552?-1599)
Valera, Cipriano de (1532?-1625))
arte of English poesie, The : contriued into three bookes, the first of poets and poesie, the second of proportion, the third of ornament.
Bloudy rage of that great antechrist of Rome and his superstitious adherents, against the true church of Christ and the faithfull professors of His Gospell
Christian instruction
Chronographia : a description of time, from the beginning of the vvorld vnto the yeare of our Lord 137 : diuided into six periodes, wherein the seueral histories, both of the Old and New Testament are briefly comprised, and placed in their due order of yeares
Consolation for our grammar schooles
Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, The
Daphin-Amaryllis, 1605:
discourse of the felicitie of man, A : or his summum bonum
Faerie queene.
Faithfull and most comfortable incouragement for laying of a sure foundation of all good learning in our schooles, and for prosperous building thereupon
French alphabet
French alphabeth [sic]: teaching in a very short tyme, by a most easie way, to pronounce French naturally, to reade it perfectly, to write it truely, and to speake it accordingly, The : together vvith The treasvre of the French toung, conteyning the rarest sentences, pouerbes [sic], parables, similies, apothegmes and golden sayings of the most excellent French authours, as vvell potes [sic] as orators : the one diligently compiled, and the other painfully gathered and set in order, after the alphabeticall maner, for the benefite of those that are desirous of the French-toung
Histoire des Vaudois.
Historia d'Italia.
historie of George Castriot, surnamed Scanderbeg, King of Albanie, The : containing his famous actes, his noble deedes of armes, and memorable victories against the Turkes, for the faith of Christ : comprised in twelue bookes
historie of Guicciardin, The : containing the warres of Italie and other parts, continued for manie yeares vnder sundrie kings and princes, together with the variations and accidents of the same : and also the arguments, with a table at large expressing the principall matters through the whole historie
Homer's Odysses, 1614:
lives of the noble Grecians and Romaines, The
Lvthers fore-rvnners, or, A clovd of witnesses
Nosce teipsum : this oracle expounded in two elegies ...
Quodlibets of religion and state
Regulae vitae.
Relation of a journey begun an. Dom. 1610
sermon upon the words of Saint Paul, 1619:, A
Sixe bookes of politickes or civil doctrine
Sixe sermons
Soveraigne salve for a sick sovle
substance of Christian religion, 1595:, The
Testamento Nuevo de Nuestro Señor Iesu Christo
Treasurie of catechisme
Treatise named Lvcarsolace
Treatise of patience
way to the true church, The : wherein the principall motiues perswading to Romanisme and questions touching the nature and authoritie of the church and Scriptures, are familiarly disputed, and driuen to their issues, where this day they sticke betweene the papists and vs : contriued into an answer to a popish discourse, concerning the rule of faith and the marks of the church, and published to admonish such as decline to papistrie of the weake and vncertaine grounds, whereupon they haue ventured their soules : directed to all that seeke for resolution, and especially to his louing countrimen of Lancashire