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Tacey, D. J.
Tacey, David
Tacey, David J.
Tacey, David John
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Casement, Ann (1938-)
Dowd, Amanda
Dowd, Amanda G.
Guild of Pastoral Psychology
La Trobe University
San Roque, Craig
After Tradition: Closer Encounters with the Sacred
Australian Resistance to Individuation: Patrick White's Knotted Mandala, The
Challenge of Teaching Jung in the University, The
Como Leer a Jung
Contemporary Spirituality
Cultural Complex, The
Darkening Spirit: Jung, Spirituality, Religion, The
darkening spirit, The : Jung, spirituality, religion
Ecological Soul, The
Ecopsychology and the Sacred: the Psychological Basis of the Environmental Crisis
Edge of the sacred : Jung, Psyche, Earth
Edge of the sacred : transformation in Australia
Educating the Heart: Spirituality and Interiority
Encountering Tradition in a Postmodern Context
Entering the Dream of Nature
Extraversion, with Soul
Falling in love with the sacred other
Gift of the Unknown: Freud(ians) and Jung(ians) at the End of Modernity, The
Gods and diseases : making sense of our physical and mental wellbeing
Grassroots spirituality as a holistic expression of the psyche
Hell of Initation: Jung's Ambivalence Toward Modernity, The
hell of initiation, The : Jung's ambivalence toward modernity
How to read Jung
idea of the numinous, The : contemporary Jungian and psychoanalytic perspectives
Imagining transcendence at the end of modernity: Jung and Derrida
Individuation and Popular Spirituality
Jacques Derrida: The Enchanged Atheist
James Hillman, 1926-2011
Jung and the New Age, 2001:
Jung Reader, The
Jung: Rebuilding the Temple
Jung: Respect for the Non-Literal
Mind and Earth: Psychic Influence beneath the Surface
Mythopoetic Approach to Belief in God: Experience, Imagination and Faith, The
Patrick White : Fiction and the unconscious
Placing psyche : exploring cultural complexes in Australia
Power of the Dark Side: Part 1: Psyche, Art, and the Containment of Evil, The
Re-enchantment : the new Australian spirituality
ReEnchantment: The New Australian Spirituality
Religion as metaphor : beyond literal belief
Remaking men : Jung, spirituality and social change
remaking men: the revolution in masculinity
Review Essay: Fay Lectures Book Series in Analytical Psychology: Part 1
Review Essay: Fay Lectures book Series in Analytical Psychology: Part 2
Rising Waters of the Spirit: the view from secular society
Role of the Numinous in the Reception of Jung, The
Sacred from Below, The
Spirit Place: Aboriginal Cosmology of David Mowaljarlai
Spiritual Perspectives on Suicidal Impulses in Young Adults
Spirituality and Mental Health: The Mystery of Healing
Spirituality as a Bridge to Religion and Faith
Spirituality in a Secular Society
Spirituality in Australia Today: Psychological, Social and Religious Perspectives
Spirituality Revolution: the emergence of contemporary spirituality, The
spirituality revolution, The : the emergence of contemporary spirituality
Student Spirituality and Educational Authority
Teaching Jung in the University
What is Religion For? Drawing out the Sacred in Secular Times
What Spirituality Means to Young Adults
Youth Spirituality as a Response to Cultural Crisis
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Changing Places: Re-Imagining Australia
Cultures and Identities in Transition: Jungian Perpectives
Depth Psychology, Disorder and Climate Change
Destruction and Creation: Facing the Ambiguities of Power
Dreaming the Myth Onwards: New Directions in Jungian Therapy and Thought
European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Health
Faith to Live By: Conversations About Faith with Twenty-One of the World's Leading Spiritual Teach, A
Guild of pastoral Psychology Lectures Series, The
Guild Papers in Pastoral Psychology, Paper Number 302
How and Why We Still Read Jung: Personal and Professional Reflections
Idea of the Numinous: Contemporary Jungian and Psychoanalytic Perspectives, The
International Handbook of Education for Spirituality, Care and Wellbeing
International Handbook of the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Education
International Journal of Childrens Spirituality, The
International Journal of Jungian Studies, The
Journal of Analytical Psychology
Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche
Jung Talks: 50 Years of the C.G. Jung Society of Melbourne
Meaning and Connectedness: Australian Perspectives on Education and Spirituality
Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare
Papers presented at the UWS Psychology and Spirituality Society Annual Conference
Placing Psyche: Exploring Cultural Complexes in Australia
Reimagining God and Mission: Perspectives from Australia
Religion and Youth
Sacral Revolutions: Reflecting on the Work of Andrew Samuels - Cutting Edges in Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis
Sacred Australia: Post-Secular Considerations
Spiritual Education: Cultural, Religious and Social Difference
Spiritual Education: Literary, Empirical and Pedagogical Approaches
Spirituality and Psychological Health
Spirituality, Mythopoesis and Learning
Spring 73: Cinema and Psyche: A Journal of Archetype and Culture
Spring Journal
Spring Journal: a journal of archetype and culture
Studies in Spirituality
Teaching Jung
Thesis Eleven
Towards Re-Enchantment: Education, Imagination and the Getting of Wisdom
Who Owns Jung?