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Nelson, Steve
Nelson, Steve ((vibraphonist))
Nelson, Vibraphonist ((vibraphonist))
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
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Brown, Donald (1954-...)
Criss Cross Jazz
Dave Holland Big Band (isMemberOf)
Dave Holland Octet (isMemberOf)
Eubanks, Duane (co-performer)
Eubanks, Robin (co-performer)
Gross, Mark (co-performer)
Harmonia mundi France
Hart, Antonio (co-performer)
Holland, Dave (co-performer)
Island Records Inc
Miller, Mulgrew
Newman, David (1933-2009)
Potter, Chris (co-performer)
Roseman, Josh (co-performer)
Sipiagin, Alex (co-performer)
Smith, Nate (co-performer)
Smulyan, Gary (co-performer)
Sunnyside Communications Inc
Washington, Kenny (1958-..)
Washington, Peter (1964-..)
Wilson, Steve saxophonist
3 things of beauty
7th sense
Ama tu sonrisa
Amator Silenti
B & B
bad case of the BU's (6 min 26 s), A
Bassically simple (7 min 02 s)
Black butterfly
blessing, The
Blues for Marcus
Candlelight Vigil
cat, The
Cause and effect
Dorothy (5 min 30 s)
early bird gats the short end of the stick (7 min 16 s), The
Eight-four beat
Go Fly a Kite
Hand in hand
Heads up [SR] p1987:
If that's the way you feel
If you could see me now (3 min 30 s)
Inside out
It's the thought that counts (4 min 56 s)
It was
Jazz for the open road
lazy snake (7 min 32 s)
Leilani's mirror (9 min 48 s)
Lexicon (6 min 43 s)
Like someone in love (6 min 53 s)
Lullaby of the leaves
Makyo (4 min 33 s)
Man in a state of nature
Mean to me (5 min 30 s)
Merry magic
Monsoon (6 min 39 s)
More dedications
Mrs. Angelou (8 min 21)
My man's gone now (8 min 23 s)
My shining hour (3 min 45 s)
Native colours
nearness of you (10 min 43 s), The
Never in my wildest dream (6 min 33 s)
Notes from the underground
One hundred six nix
Other spheres
Pent-up house (8 min 26 s)
Playground for the birds (6 min 53 s)
Portrait in sound
power of the drums, The
Probin' (10 min 28 s)
Quiet fire (8 min 27 s)
Ramblas (6 min 24 s), Las
Re-rev (7 min 57 s)
remember Brother Ray, I
Rhythm is my business
Rhythm of the earth
Sabaku (4 min 21 s)
Sam I am
second look, A
Secundum artem
should care (7 min 57 s), I
Sing me a song everlasting (8 min 08 s)
Sixty three rd street theme
Skain's domain (5 min 20 s)
Skatterbrain (6 min 37 s)
smile of the snake, The
Soliloquy (5 min 38 s)
Space acres (7 min 07 s)
Speak low (5 min 21 s)
Star crossed lovers (9 min 30 s)
sweetest sounds, The
Take the D flat train (5 min 48 s)
There are many angels in Florence (10 min 12 s)
There but for the grace of... (7 min 24 s)
thing about (7 min 11 s), The
Thirty third street theme
Time to let go
Tranquility (10 min 02 s)
Turning point (4 min 19 s)
Vera Cruz (4 min 56 s)
Waltz for an urbanite (8 min 28 s)
Waltz for Ma (2 min 37 s)
Waltz for Sweetie (10 min 05 s)
What do you do ? (8 min 20 s)
When you return (4 min 45 s)
Where pelicans fly (8 min 48 s)
Wistful (7 min 09 s)
Woe is me (9 min 06 s)
Worry later
Yesterday's gardenias (9 min 54 s)
You go to my head
You're lookin'g at me (8 min 26 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
Fuller Nelson
What Goes Around