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Douglas Strutt Galton
Galton, Douglas
Galton, Douglas Strutt
Galton, Douglas Strutt (British engineer, 1822-1899)
Strutt Galton, Douglas
Address delivered at the joint meeting held by the Società fiorentina d'igiene and the Collegio degli architetti ed ingegneri on the evening of the 28 november 1891 in the sala del Circolo filologico
address on the general principles which should be observed in the construction of hospitals, an
dictionary of medicine, a
Discorso letto alla solenne adunanza convocata in suo onore dalla società fiorentina d'igiene e dal collegio degli architetti ed ingegneri la sera del 28 novembre 1891 nella Sala del Circolo filologico
General report of the Commission appointed for improving the sanitary condition of barracks and hospitals
healthy hospitals: observations on some points connected with hospital construction
Observations on the construction of Healthy dwellings : namely houses, hospitals, barracks, asylums, etc.
Relazione sulle condizioni sanitarie di Firenze : decembre 1891
Thames Embankment. Report of the Royal Commission, 1861, [1861]: