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Alten Mitgleide des Parlements
Appeal to the justice and interests of Great Britain, Author of an
Author of An appeal to the justice and interests of Great Britain
Author of an Appeal to the justice and interests of Great-Britain, An (pseudonym)
Author of the first
Junius Americanus
Lee, Arthur
Lee, Arthur ((diplomat))
Lee, Arthur (Doctor)
Lee (Doctor of Virginia)
Old member of Parliament
Old member of Parliament, An (pseudonym)
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Continental Congress Broadside Collection (Library of Congress)
Lee, Richard Henry (1732-1794)
Livingston, Walter (1740-1797)
Osgood, Samuel (1748-1813)
United States. Board of Treasury
United States. Continental Congress
Wickersham, Cornelius Wendell (1884-)
addres[s] from the United States in Congress assembled to the legislatures of the several states., An
Arthur Lee memoir
Berufung auf die Gerechtigkeit und den Vortheil der Grossbrittanischen Nation in den gegenwartigen Streitigkeiten mit Amerika. Alten Mitgleide des Parlements.
Board of Treasury, June 22, 1786 : Sir, we do ourselves the honour of submitting, through Your Excellency, to the consideration of Congress, the report of this board on the requisition of the present year. ...
Board of Treasury, to whom it was referred to revise the system adopted for the settlement of the accounts of the five great departments, and to report such alterations therein, or such other mode as in their opinion may be more conducive to a speedy and just settlement of said accounts, The : beg leave to report ...
Board of Treasury to whom was referred their letter of the 29th of June last, together with sundry letters from the comptroller of the state of Pennsylvania, to Thomas Smith Esq; commissioner of the loan-office in the said state, beg leave to report, The : that the act of the state of Pennsylvania of the 8th of March 1786, directs their treasurer to pay to the order of the United States ...
diplomatic correspondence of the American revolution being the letters... concerning the foreign relations of the United States during the whole revolution, together with the letters in reply from the Secret Committee of Congress and the Secretary of foreign affairs. Also, the entire correspondance of the French ministers, Gerard and Luzerne, with Congress [dated 1775-1784], The
Essay in vindication of the continental colonies of america from a censure of mr adam smith, in his theory of moral sentiments. with some reflections on slavery in general
Estimate of the annual expenditure of the civil departments of the United States, on the present establishment.
Farmer's and Monitor's letters to the inhabitants of the British colonies., The
Life of Arthur Lee, LL.D., joint commissioner of the United States to the court of France, and sole commissioner to the courts of Spain and Prussia, during the Revolutionary War; with his political and literary correspondence and his papers on diplomatic and political subjects, and the affairs of the United States during the same period. Boston, Wells and Lilly, 1829.
Observations on certain commercial transactions in France, laid before Congress
Olive branch petition of the american congress to george iii, 1775, and letters of the american envoys, august-september 1775
ordinance for the establishment of the mint of the United States of America, and for regulating the value and alloy of coin., An
Papers in relation to the case of Silas Deane.
Political detection or, the treachery and tyranny of administration, both at home and abroad; displayed in a series of letters, signed junius americanus
Second appeal to the justice and interests of the people, on the measures respecting america
summary view of the rights of British America, A