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Walsh, R.
Walsh, Robert
Walsh, Robert ((diplomat))
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Brown, Charles Brockden (1771-1810)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Littell, Eliakim (1797-1870)
M'Henry, James (1785-1845)
Maas, Jacob
Mary Augusta K. Eveningstar Collection (Library of Congress)
Sanford, Ezekiel (1796-1822)
Thomas Waterman Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Windham, William (1750-1810)
Am. q. rev.
American quarterly review (Online)
American register, or general repository of history, politics and science (Online)
American register, or, General repository of history, politics, & science, The
American register, or, Summary review of history, politics, and literature, The
American review of history and politics, and general repository of literature and state papers., The
An inquiry into the past and present relations of France and the United States of America.
appeal from the judgements of Great Britain respecting the U.S. of Am*, An
appeal from the judgments of Great Britain respecting the United States of America., An
Correspondence respecting Russia between Robert Goodloe Harper, Esq., and Robert Walsh, Jun. : together with the speech of Mr. Harper, commemorative of the Russian victories, delivered at Georgetown, Columbia, June 8th, 1813 : and an essay on the future state of Europe.
Didactics: social, literary, and political.
Free remarks on the spirit of the federal Constitution, the practice of the federal government, and the obligations of the Union, respecting the exclusion of slavery from the territories and new states ...
General repository of history, politics, & science
inquiry into the past and present relations of France and the United States of America., An
Jackson wreath, or National souvenir ... A national tribute, commemorative of the great civil victory achieved by the people, through the hero of New Orleans. Containing a biographical sketch of General Jackson until 1829., The
Letter on the genius and dispositions of the French government, including a view of the taxation of the French empire, by an American recently returned from Europe. 4th edition, A
Museum of foreign literature and science
Notices sur l'intérieur de la France
Offrandes à Bonaparte, par trois étrangers. [Lettre sur l'esprit et les dispositions du gouvernement français, à laquelle est joint un aperçu du système de finances de l'Empire français, par un Américain retourné d'Europe depuis peu, traduite de l'anglais. - Code de la conscription, ou Recueil chronologique des lois et des arrêtés... relatifs à la levée des conscrits... depuis l'an VI jusques et compris l'an XIV... - Notices sur l'intérieur de la France, écrites en 1806, par M. Faber. Tome Ier. - Effets du blocus continental sur le commerce, les finances, le crédit et la prospérité des Isles britanniques, par sir Francis d'Ivernois. 5e édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée.]
Robert Walsh correspondence
Select speeches of the Right Honourable William Windham, and the Right Honourable William Huskisson : with preliminary biographical sketches.
Summary review of history, politics, and literature
works of the British poets, with the lives of the authors, The