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Day, F. Holland
Day, F. Holland (American photographer and publisher, 1864-1933)
Day, Fred Holland
Day, Frederick Holland
F. Holland Day
Holland Day, Fred
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Language material
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Becker, Edwin (1963-)
Beijer, Suzan
Crump, James
Curtis, Verna Posever
Hendricks, Michèle
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Roberts, Pam
Van Nimmen, Jane (1937-)
Waals, Tessa van der
Wellesley College. Museum
[Beatrice Baxter Ruyl in dress with open book in lap and hand to face, seated]
[Beatrice Ruyl in plumed hat & plain dress, seated]
[Boy in sailor suit, smock and cap, portrait]
[Boy in sailor suit with cigarette, seated]
[Boy in suspenders with hands folded, seated]
[Boy in unbuttoned shirt]
[Center section of panorama of bank across from site of the chalet]
[Christ's resurrection from the tomb]
[Christ with crown of thorns, frontal, head back]
[Christ with crown of thorns, looking down to right]
[Christ with crown of thorns, looking left]
[Christ with crown of thorns, looking up]
["Chug" in sailor suit (face)]
["Chug" in sailor suit, standing in doorway]
[Clarence White in suit, seated]
[Clarence White, Jr. in white jacket, seated, portrait]
[Coastal landscape with dock and boat]
[Crucifixion, frontal, with Mary and St. John(?)]
[Crucifixion, profile, right]
[David Leung in sailor suit, face]
[Dead Christ with halo]
[Derrick Crane, Little Good Harbor]
[Ethel Reed in plumed hat]
F. Holland Day
[George Demetrios in Greek folk costume, seated with hand to face]
[George Demetrios in sweater and tie, in profile (cropped slightly bottom)]
[Girl in dress with white collar]
[Girl in white hat]
[Hirakita Hyakubotu, with hand against face, wearing suit, slightly cropped at bottom]
[K. Sanborn with shirt and tie and N.Y.M.A. beach hat]
[Kajiro Tsuboi? in robe]
Keats and the Bostonians, Amy Lowell, Louise Imogen Guiney, Louis Arthur Holman, Fred Holland Day, by Hyder Edward Rollins and Stephen Maxfield Parrish
[Lewis White in sailor suit, seated]
[Man in suit, face]
[Man in suit, next to urn, holding cigarette, seated]
[Man in suit, profile]
[Man in suit, seated, with hands folded]
[Man in suit with hand against head, seated]
[Matsuki Kihachirō in robe with hand to face, holding open book, seated at table]
[Matsuki Kihachirō in robe with hand to face (slightly cropped on all sides)]
[Maynard White in suit and cap, face]
[Maynard White in suit by door]
[Nude youth on rocks with tortoise, reclining]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath against rocks with hands behind head]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath against rocks with hands behind neck (cropped at hips)]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath(?) and lyre by cave (Orpheus?)]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath and staff]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath embracing Herm of Pan]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath holding Nike statuette]
[Nude youth with laurel wreath kissing herm of Pan]
[Nude youth with sculpture's crook and tortoise]
["Pippy" in shorts with hands folded, seated]
["Pucky" Costanza in sailor suit, seated]
["Pucky" in sailor suit with cigarette, seated]
[Ruth Ruyl in shorts on divan, reclining, with Japanese prints on wall]
[St. Sebastian in loincloth, tied to tree with rope, arrows in stomach and side, hands behind back]
[St. Sebastian with wounded chest (cropped at shoulder)]
[Theodore Thibideaux in striped shirt and tie]
[Tony Costanza leaning against rock]
["Tony" in rain gear calling with hand cupped around mouth, profile]
[Tony in sailor suit, reclining]
[View looking toward ocean east? from site of the chalet?]
[Waldo Hasenfus (?) in suit, wearing ring, with head resting on hand]
[Woman (Beatrice Baxter Ruyl), in dress with open book in lap and hand to face, seated]
[Woman in Chinese or Japanese robe, in profile]
[Woman in cloak]
[Woman in drapery with brooch and tiara]
[Woman in drapery with hoop earrings]
[Woman in Elizabethan lady costume (Eliz. I?)]
[Woman in Middle-Eastern costume with turban]
[Woman in moorish costume, holding statuette]
[Woman in straw hat and white blouse, wearing ring, seated]
[Woman in straw hat and white blouse with umbrella, seated]
[Woman with laurel wreath in white drapery]
[Wooden bridge at Little Good Harbor (Georgetown, Maine) with two men, both in Japanese costume]
[Young man in high-collared jacket]
[Young man in suit and cap]
[Young man in suit, seated]
[Young man in white robe, face]
[Young man in white robe with coffee mug, seated]
[Youth in Indian of North America costume, portrait]
[Youth with laurel wreath, face]