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Gurney, J. J.
Gurney, Joseph John
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Fry, Elizabeth Gurney (1780-1845))
Gurney, John Henry (1819-1890; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
John Murray
Jones, J.
Marsom, J.
Pacaud, Jean-Jacques
Peace Association of Friends in America
Rivington, Charles (1754-1831))
Rivington, John (1779-1841))
Wellesley, Richard Wellesley (1760-1842; Marquess))
Zweerts, C. J. [from old catalog]
Zweerts, Cornelius Isaac
Betrachtungen über die unterscheidenden Ansichten und Gebräuche der "Gesellschaft der Freunde"
Biblical notes and dissertations, chiefly intended to confirm and illustrate the doctrine of the deity of Christ ...
Brief memoirs of Thomas Fowell Buxton and Elizabeth Fry.
Brief remarks on the history
case od Thomas Spence, bookseller.
Chalmeriana; or, Colloquies with Dr. Chalmers ...
Epistle to Joseph John Gurney on the Society of Friends
Essai sur l'exercice habituel de l'amour de Dieu,... traduit de l'anglais de Joseph Jean Gurney, sur la cinquième édition, par J.-J. Pacaud,...
Essay On The Habitual Exercise Of Love to God Considered As A Preparation For Heaven
Essay on war, and on its lawfulness under the Christian dispensation
Essays on the evidences, doctrines and practical operation of Christianity
Falsehood detected.
Familiar sketch of the late William Wilberforce...
Hints on the portable evidence of Christianity
history, authority and use of the sabbath
hiver aux Antilles ... 1842., Un
Journey in North America Described in Familiar Letters to Amelia Opie
Lehren des Christenthums nach ihrem Inhalte, ihrer Begründung und ihrem Einfluss auf das Leben des Menschen, Die : aus dem Englischen
Letter to a friend on the authority, purpose, and effects of christianity, and especially on the doctrine of redemption
Letter to Friends of the monthly meeting of Adrian, Michigan.
Letter to the followers of elias hicks, in the city of baltimore and its vicinity
letter to the Honourable Thomas Erskine.
Lettre à un ami sur l'autorité, le but et les effets du christianisme, et en particulier sur la doctrine de la Rédemption, par Joseph J. Gurney. Traduit de l'anglais
Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney : with selections from his Journal and Correspondence
Ministère perdu, Un
moral character of jesus christ, the
Notes on a visit made to some of the prisons in Scotland and the north of England in company with Elizabeth Fry, with some general observations on the subject of prison discipline
Observations on the distinguishing views & practices of the Society of Friends
Observations on the religious peculiarities of the Society of Friends
Observations sur le ministère chrétien traduit de l' anglais
Papal and hierarchical system compared with the religion of the new testament
peculiar people, A
Prosecution of Thomas Paine: seven tracts, 1793-1798., The
reason of man
Remarks on the Hon. Thomas Erskine's defence of Thomas Paine.
Report addressed to the Marquess Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, by Elizabeth Fry and Joseph John Gurney respecting their late visit to that country.
Sabbatical verses
Sermons and prayers, delivered in the city of Philadelphia.
speeches of Thomas Erskine in the Court of King's-Bench ...1797 ... on the trial the King versus Thomas Williams, for publishing the age of reason.
Strictures on certain parts of an anonymous pamphlet entitled "The truth vindicated," ...
Substance of a speech delivered at a public meeting of the inhabitants of the city and county of Norwich on the subject of British colonial slavery
Substance of an address, on the right use and application of knowledge, lately delivered to the mechanics of Manchester at their institution in that town.
Term of Union : remarks addressed to the members of the British and foreign Bible Society
Thoughts on habit and discipline
whole proceedings on the trial of an information exhibited ex officio by the King's attorney-general against Thomas Paine.
winter in de West-Indiën, Een : beschreven in gemeenzame brieven aan Henry Clay van Kentucky
Winter in the west indies described in familiar letters to henry clay of kentucky