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Ingersoll, C. J.
Ingersoll, Charles J.
Ingersoll, Charles Jared
Ingersoll, Charles Jared (Mr)
Some unknown foreigner
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Dallas, George Mifflin (1792-1864))
Forward, Walter (1786-1852))
LaRouche, Lyndon H.
Liebig, Michael
List, Friedrich (1789-1846)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Naylor, Charles (1806-1872)
Palmer, Aaron Haight
Society for the Commemoration of the landing of William Penn, Philadelphia. [from old catalog]
United States. Congress. House. Committee of Elections
African slavery in America.
Charles Jared Ingersoll papers
communication on the improvement of government: read before the American Philosophical Society, at a meeting attended by General La Fayette, October 1st, 1824., A
consider Oregon worth a war", "I : letter of Charles Jared Ingersoll on the Oregon question, March 3, 1846
Contested election--Naylor and Ingersoll.
Correspondence, 1804-89.
discourse concerning the influence of America on the mind, 1823, A
discourse delivered before the Society for the commemoration of the landing of William Penn., A
Edwy and Elgiva, 1801
Gen. Jackson's fine.
Grundriss der amerikanischen politischen Ökonomie in zwölf Briefen an Charles J. Ingersoll
Historical sketch of the second war between the United States of America, and Great Britain, declared by act of Congress, the 18th of June, 1812, and concluded by peace, the 15th of February, 1815
Inchiquin, the Jesuit's letters during a late residence in the United States of America, 1810
Inchiquin, the Jesuit's letters, during a late residence in the United States of America. Some unknown foreigner.
Julian: a tragedy. In five acts.
Letter to the Hon. Charles J. Ingersoll, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the House of Representatives containing some brief notices respecting the present state, productions, trade, commerce, &c. of the Comoro Islands, Abyssinia, Persia, Burmah, Cochin China, the Indian Archipelago, and Japan : and recommending that a special mission be sent by the government of the United States, to make treaties, and open and extend our commercial intercourse with those countries
Mr. Ingersoll's letter to his constituents, 1813
Outlines of American political economy in a series of letters addressed by Frederick List, Esq. late professor of political economy at the University of Tubingen in Germany, to Charles J. Ingersoll, Esq. Vice-president of the Pennsylvania Society for the promotion of manufactures and the mechanic arts : to which is added the celebrated letters of Mr. Jefferson to Benjamin Austin, and of Mr. Madison to the editors of the Lynchburg Virginian.
Outlines of American political economy in twelve letters to Charles J. Ingersoll
port folio, the
Recollections, historical, political, biographical, and social, of Charles J. Ingersoll. By experience, presenting annals, with portraiture of personages of this country, from Genet's arrival in 1792, to the purchase of Louisiana in 1803.
Speech of Charles J. Ingersoll, esq., on the right to repeal bank charters. Delivered in the convention of Pennsylvania.
Speech of Hon. C. J. Ingersoll, of Penn., on the Mexican War. Delivered in the House of Representatives Tuesday, January 19, 1847.
Speech of Mr. Ingersoll on the judiciary : delivered in the Convention of Pennsylvania, November 1, 1837.
Strictures on the letter of Charles J. Ingersoll, Esq touching the right of a legislature to repeal a charter : with an appendix, containing the letters of Mr. Ingersoll, of Mr. Dallas, Mr. Forward, and of Mr. Biddle, in illustration of the subject discussed
view of river rights., A
View of the committee powers of Congress
View ot the committee powers of Congress