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Prince, .. (Rev. Mr)
Prince, Thomas
Prince, Thomas (Mr)
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Colman, Benjamin (1673-1747))
Mason, John (1600-1672)
Samuel Gardner Drake Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Sewall, Joseph (1688-1769))
Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
Taylor, John (1762-1840)
Willard, Samuel (1640-1707)
Williams, John (1664-1729)
Williams, Stephen (1693-1782)
Account of the Revival of Religion in Boston in the Years 1740-1-2-3, An
Brief directions to a young scholar designing the ministry, for the study of divinity By the Reverend and learned Samuel Willard, M.A. Late Pastor of the South-Church in Boston, and vice president of Harvard-College in Cambridge in New England. [Six lines of Scripture texts].
brief history of the Pequot war:, A
case of Heman considered In a sermon on Psal. LXXXVIII. 15. I am afflicted and ready to die, from my youth up: while I suffer thy terrors, I am distracted. Occasioned by the death of Mr. Edward Bromfield, merchant of Boston, in New-England. April 10. 1756. Aet. 61. By Thomas Prince, A.M. and a Pastor of the South Church., The
Christ victorious over the powers of darkness, by the light of his preached Gospel A sermon preached in Boston, December 12. 1733. At the ordination of the Reverend Mr. Stephen Parker, Mr. Ebenezer Hinsdell [i.e., Hinsdale], and Mr. Joseph Seccombe, chosen by the commissioners to the Honourable Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, at Edinburgh, to carry the Gospel to the aboriginal natives on the borders of New England. By Joseph Sewall, D.D. Pastor to a church of Christ in Boston. To which are annexed, a brief account of the Honourable Society and of the present mission, with an abstract of the ordination prayers, and the charge given by the Reverend Mr. Colman. And the right hand of fellowship given by the Reverend Mr. Prince. [Two lines from Psalms]
Chronological History of New-England: In the Form of Annals, A
Civil rulers raised up by God to feed his people a sermon at the publick lecture in Boston, July 25. 1728. in the audience of His Excellency the Governour, His Honour the Lieut. governour, and the Honourable the Council and representatives of the province: being the Thursday after His Excellency's arrival here
compleat body of divinity, A : in two hundred and fifty expository lectures on the Assembly's Shorter catechism : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are unfolded, their truth confirm'd, their excellence display'd, their usefulness improv'd, contrary errors & vices refuted & expos'd, objections answer'd, controversies settled, cases of conscience resolv'd; and a great light thereby reflected on the present age
Course of sermons on early piety By the eight ministers who carry on the Thursday lecture in Boston. With a preface by the Reverend Dr. Increase Mather, and also clos'd with a discourse lately had by him to young people. [One line epigram in Latin]., A
Dying exercises of Mrs. Deborah Prince, and devout meditations of Mrs. Sarah Gill, daughters of the late Rev. Thomas Prince, Minister of the South Church, Boston.
dying prayer of Christ for his people's preservation and unity, The : a sermon to the North Church in Boston, January XXV, 1731, 2, being a day of prayer for the divine direction in their choice of another colleague pastor to succeed the Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather
Earthquakes the works of God & tokens of his just displeasure, 1727:
Extract from Mr. Prince's sermon on Job i. 21 occasioned by the decease of his eldest daughter, Miss Deborah Prince, 20th July, 1744, in the 21st year of her age
Extraordinary Events the Doings of God, And Marvellous in Pious Eyes. Illustrated in a Sermon At the South Church in Boston, N.E. on the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, July 18. 1745. Occasion'D by Taking the City of Louisbourg on the Isle of Cape-Breton, by New-England Soldiers, Assisted by a British Squadron
Faithful history of remarkable occurrences in the captivity and deliverance of Mr. John Williams, minister of the Gospel in Deerfield
faithful servant approv'd at death, and entring into the joy of his Lord. A sermon at the publick lecture in Boston. July XXVII. 1732. Occasion'd by the much lamented death of the Honourable Daniel Oliver, esq: one of His Majesty's council for the province. Who deceased there the 23rd. of the same month. in the 69th. year of his age., The
funeral sermon on the Reverend Nathanael Williams, who deceased Tuesday, January 10, 1737, 8, aetatis 63, A : delivered at the South-Church in Boston on the Lord's day after
God destroyeth the hope of man! A sermon occasion'd by the inexpressible loss in the death of His late Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales: in the night after March 20. last, in the 45th year of his age. By Thomas Prince, A.M. and a Pastor of the South Church in Boston. [Two lines from Lamentations].
grave and death destroyed, and believers ransomed and redeemed from them A sermon at Midleborough East-Precinct July. VII. 1728. Being the Lord's-Day after the decease & funeral of Samuel Prince, Esq; there. By Thomas Prince, M.A. a Pastor of the South Church in Boston, and one of the sons of the deceased. [Two lines from Isaiah]., The
Indian converts: or, Some account of the lives and dying speeches of a considerable number of the Christianized Indians of Martha's Vineyard, in New-England ...
life of the very Reverend and learned Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S late Pastor of the North Church in Boston. Who died, Feb. 13. 1727,8. By Samuel Mather, M.A. [Three lines of quotations]., The
Memoirs of Capt. Roger Clap Relating some of God's remarkable providences to him, in bringing him into New-England; and some of the straits and afflictions, good people met with here in their beginnings. And instructing, counselling, directing and commanding his children and childrens children, and houshold, to serve the Lord in their generations to the latest posterity. [One line from Hebrews].
Morning health no security against the sudden arrest of death before night a sermon occasioned by the very sudden death of two young gentlemen in Boston, on Saturday January 14th, 1726,7 : dedicated to the youth of the town
Mr. Prince's sermon on the uncertainty of life
Natural and moral government and agency of god in causing droughts and rains a sermon at the south church in boston, thursday aug. 24, 1749, being the day of the general thanksgiving, in the province of the massachusetts, for the extraordinary reviving rains, after the most distressing drought which have been known among us in the memory of any living
nature & necessity of the new-birth, The : in a sermon delivered in part at the publick lecture in Boston, May 9, 1728
New-England's memorial.
Perswasive to make a publick profession of Christ, and come up to all his ordinances
Prince library., The
Psalms hymns & spiritual songs of the old and new testament
Redeemed captive returning to Zion
Salvations of god in 1746 in part set forth in a sermon at the south church in boston, nov. 27. 1746. being the day of the anniversary thanksgiving in the province of the massachusetts bay in n.e. wherein the most remarkable salvations of the year past, both in europe and north-america, as far as they are come to our knowledge, are briefly considered
sermon on the sorrowful occasion of the death of His late Majesty King George of blessed memory and the happy accession of His present majesty King George II. Deliver'd at the publick lecture in Boston, N.E. Aug. 24th 1727. In the audience of the great and general assembly of the province: and published at the desire of the Honourable House of representatives., A
spirits of the present day tried A sermon at the Tuesday evening-lecture in Brattle-Street, Boston, Nov. 3, 1741. By the Reverend Mr. David McGregere [i.e., McGregore], of Londonderry in New-England. With a preface by some ministers of Boston. [Two lines from I. Thessalonians]., The
tender heart pleasing to God, and profitable to men A sermon preached at the South-Church in Boston: on the Lord's-Day after the death of the Honourable Josiah Willard, Esq; secretary of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Who departed this life, December 6. 1756. Aet. 76. By Joseph Sewall, D.D. a Pastor of said church., A
Vade mecum for america or, a companion for traders and travellers
Young Abel dead, yet speaketh. A sermon occasioned by the death of young Mr. Daniel Oliver, delivered at the South Church in Boston Sept. 10th 1727 ...