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Friend of college, the church and his country
Trumbull, Benjamin
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Doolittle, Amos (1754-1832)
Ogden, John Cosens (1751-1800)
Porter, Ebenezer (1772-1834)
Theological Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Tullar, David (1748-1839)
Vincent, Thomas (1634-1678. [from old catalog])
Weeks, Holland (1768-1843. [from old catalog])
William Duane Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Wright, Joseph (1756-1793)
appeal to the candid, upon the present state of religion and politics in Connecticut., An
complete history of Connecticut, civil and ecclesiastical, from the emigration of its first planters from England, in MDCXXX, to MDCCXIII., A
general history of the United States of America;, A
Illustrations on the nature and importance of an immediate choice of God. In a sermon, delivered at North-Haven, and since, occasionally, at several other places. It is now made public at the particular desire, and expense, of an honourable and pious friend: with a view to the awakening and conversion of delaying sinners, and to the instruction and consolation of the saints.
letter, from the Association, of the County of New-Haven, to the Reverend elders, in the colonies of Rhode-Island, and Massachusetts-Bay, who assisted in the ordination, of the Rev. Mr. John Hubbard, at Meriden, June 22nd, 1769. To which are annexed, remarks on the confession of faith and examination, of the said Mr. Hubbard, some time since, published in the weekly papers, A ; and also in a pamphlet, entitled, "The transactions of the council, called for the ordination of Mr. John Hubbard, at Meriden, December 29th, 1767. And the Consociation of the County of New-Haven, convened there at the same time.
majesty and mortality of created gods illustrated and improved. a funeral discourse, delivered at North-Haven, December 29, 1799. On the death of General George Washington, who died December 14, 1799., The
Twelve discourses, comprising a systematical demonstration of the divine origin of the Holy Scriptures, of the Old and New Testaments ...