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Case, K. E.
Case, Karl
Case, Karl E.
Case, Karl E. (jun)
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Beveridge, Thomas M.
Bradbury, K-L
Bradbury, Katharine
Bradbury, Katharine L.
Browne, Lynn E.
Case, K-E
Case, Karl
Case, Karl E
Case, Karl E.
Cook, Leah
Dunham, Constance R.
Fair, Ray C
Fair, Ray C.
Fair, Ray C. (1942-)
Fair, Ray Clarence (1942-)
Federal Reserve Bank Affiliation (see also from)
Givens, Jennifer L.
Karl E. Case, John M. Quigley Robert J. Shiller
Marynchenko, Maryna
Mayer, C-J
Mayer, Chirstopher J.
Mayer, Christopher
Mayer, Christopher J.
Oster, Sharon M.
Quigley, John
Quigley, John M
Quigley, John M.
Quigley, John M. (1942-)
Renaissance Corporate Services
Shiller, Robert J
Shiller, Robert J.
Sterling, Marsha
Weiss, Allan N.
Wellesley College / Department of Economics
Wellesley College Affiliation (see also from)
Activebook version 1.0
Asset Approach to Pricing Urban Land: Empirical Evidence, The
behavior of home buyers in boom and post boom markets, The
changing housing market: a bang or a whimper?, The
Chasing good schools in Massachusetts
Comparing wealth effects: the stock market versus the housing market
decade of boom and bust in the prices of single-family homes: Boston and Los Angeles, 1983 to 1993, A
Discrimination in rural housing : economic and social analysis of six selected markets
distributional effects of housing price booms: winners and losers in Boston, 1980-88, The
Does need-based student aid discourage saving for college?
Economics and tax policy
Efficiency of the Market for Single-Family Homes., The
FAIRMODEL student manual, 1985:
Forecasting prices and excess returns in the housing market
Geographic patterns of mortgage lending in Boston, 1982-1987
Home-buyers, Housing and the Macroeconomy
Home price appreciation in low- and moderate-income markets
housing cycle in Eastern Massachusetts: variations among cities and towns, The
Housing Cycle in Massachusetts Cities and Towns, The : The Boom, the Bust and the Recovery.
Housing markets and the economy : risk, regulation, and policy : essays in honor of Karl E. Case
Housing price dynamics within a metropolitan area
How Housing Booms Unwind: Income Effects, Wealth Effects, and Feedbacks through Financial Markets
How the commercial real estate boom undid the banks
Index-Based Futures and Options Markets in Real Estate
Is There a Bubble in the Housing Market?
Land Prices and House Prices in the United States
Macro Simulations for PCs in the Classroom.
market for single-family homes in the Boston area, The
Mortgage Default Risk and Real Estate Prices the Use of Index-Based Futures and Options in Real Estate
Musgrave’s vision of the public sector: the complex relationship between individual, society and state in public good theory
Prices of single-family homes since 1970: new indexes for four cities
Principles of macroeconomics
Property tax limits, local fiscal behavior, and property values: evidence from Massachusetts under Proposition
Property taxation : the need for reform
Real Estate and Macroeconomy
real estate cycle and the economy: consequences of the Massachusetts boom of 1984-87, The
Reconsidering Crucial Concepts in Micro Principles
Retrospective of the 1980s
School quality and Massachusetts enrollment shifts in the context of tax limitations
School Quality, Local Budgets, and Property Values : A Re-Examination of Capitalization.
State and local tax policy and the telecommunications industry
Wealth Effects Revisited 1978-2009