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Author of A journal of travels in England, Holland (and Scotland)
Journal of travels in England, Holland (and Scotland, Author of)
Silliman, B.
Silliman, Benjamin,
Silliman, Benjamin (Professor)
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Bakewell, Robert (1768-1843)
Barrell, Samuel B. (1790-1858)
Barrell, Samuel Brown (1790-1858)
Barrellville Mining Company
Bibliothèque nationale du Québec
Olmsted, Denison (1791-1859)
Renwick, James (1792-1863)
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe (1793-1864)
Shaker Collection (Library of Congress)
Silliman, Gold Selleck (1732-1790)
Silliman, William (1756-1816)
Yale University Affiliation (see also from)
Am. j. sci. (New Haven)
American journal of science, & c (Online)
American journal of science, & c, The
Benjamin Silliman correspondence
Benjamin Silliman papers
Electro-magnetism, 1837
Electro-magnetism : a brief essay or informal lecture on electro-magnetism, with a full description of models of Davenport's machines, as now exhibited in New York, and at the Masonic Hall, Philadelphia : with an extract from the American Journal of Science
Elements of chemistry, in the order of the lectures given in Yale College.
introduction to geology: comprising the elements of the science in its present advanced state, and all the recent discoveries; with an outline of the geology of England and Wales., An
introduction to geology; intended to convey a practical knowledge of the science, and comprising the most important recent discoveries; with explanations of the facts and phenomena which serve to confirm or invalidate various geological theories., An
James Eastburn & Co. of New-York, and Hezekiah Howe, of New-Haven, submit to the patronage of men of science, the following prospectus of the American scientific journal : to be conducted by Professor Silliman, of Yale College, aided by gentlemen of science and eminence, in various parts of the United States.
journal of travels in England, Holland, and Scotland, and of two passages over the Atlantic in the years 1805 and 1806, A
Letters of Shahcoolen (1802); a facsimile reproduction
Maggie! : Maggie Lindsley's journal, Nashville, Tennessee, 1864, Washington, D.C., 1865 : including letters written to her in 1862 from Professor Benjamin Silliman of Yale College.
Manual on the cultivation of the sugar cane, and the fabrication and refinement of sugar.
Memoir of Eli Whitney, Esq
oration, delivered at Hartford on the 6th of July, A.D. 1802, An : before the Society of the Cincinnati, for the state of Connecticut, assembled to celebrate the anniversary of American independence
Outline of the course of geological lectures given in Yale college.
Peculiarities of the Shakers : described in a series of letters from Lebanon Springs, in the year 1832 : containing an account of the origin, worship, and doctrines of the Shakers' society
Remarks made on a short tour between Hartford and Quebec in the autum*. -
Remarks, made on a short tour, between Hartford and Quebec, in the autumn of 1819;
Report by Professors Silliman, Renwick, Schoolcraft and others upon the mineral resources of the lands of the Barrelville Mining Company
Supplementary report by Professors Silliman, Renwick, Schoolcraft and others upon the mineral resources of the lands of the Barrelville Mining Company
Thomas Brown and his pretended history of Shakers.
tour to Quebec in the autumn of 1819, A
visit to Europe in 1851, A