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Goldston, Will
גולדסטון, וויל
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Browne, Van Dyke (see also from)
Ganthony, Robert
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Helms, Harry (d. 1924.)
Hofzinser, Johann Nepomuk (1806-1875)
Houdini, Harry (1874-1926)
Magician's Club (London, England)
McManus-Young Collection (Library of Congress)
Ovette, Joseph (1885-1946)
Plate, Adrian
Stanyon, Ellis (1870-1951)
Card & ball tricks with patter
Crystal gazing, astrology, palmistry, planchette, and spiritualism
Easy magic with patter.
Easy road to magic
Easy tricks for tricksters
Effective modern tricks with patter
Exclusive magical secrets
Further exclusive magical secrets.
Great magicians' tricks.
Great tricks revealed.
Harry Houdini scrapbooks 1858-1926.
How to make sand, smoke, and rag pictures
Indoor pastimes for all ages
Juggling secrets
Latest conjuring
Looking into the future
magazine of magic., The
Magic, 1990:
Magic : tricks & illusions
Magical hints, valuable information, programmes, ventriloquial dialogues, juggling, cartooning, paper folding, care of animals and birds &c, &c.
Magical scraps
Magician annual, The
Magician (Liverpool, England)
magician monthly., The
magician's swan song., A
magician, The : a monthly journal devoted to magic, spiritualism, hypnotism, and human progress.
Modern card tricks without apparatus
More exclusive magical secrets.
More tricks and puzzles, with patter.
More tricks and puzzles without mechanical apparatus.
News cuttings
Pantomime and revue annual.
Pantomime and vaudeville favourites.
Paper tricks (with patter).
Portion of translation of Hofzinser's book
Practical ventriloquism and its sister arts; a thoroughly reliable guide to the art of voice-throwing and vocal mimicry by an entirely novel system of graduated exercises, to which are added full instructions in vocal instrumentation. How to work ventriloquial figures with effect, including dramatic sketches with figures.
Sand, smoke, and rag pictures
Secrets of famous illusionists
Secrets of magic for professional and amateur entertainers. Nearly 100 illus.
secrets of magic., The
secrets of stage hypnotism, stage electricity, and bloodless surgery
Sensational tales of mystery men.
Simple conjuring tricks that anybody can perform
Stage illusions
Tricks and illusions for amateur and professional conjurers.
Tricks of the masters.
Tricks that mystify.
Tricks you should know.
Who's who in magic. Illustrated with 24 whole page photos and facsim. autographs of the world's leading conjurers.
Will Goldston's annual of magic
Will Goldston's card system of exclusive magical secrets.
will goldston's easy road to magic: in seven lessons
Will Goldston's golden key to magical success : prospectus of Exclusive magical secrets.
Will Goldston's magical scraps
young conjurer: a book for amateurs, the
young conjuror, The : a book for amateurs