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Anderson, W. H.
Anderson, Wallace
Anderson, William Henry
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Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Bilencko, Michael (other identity, same person)
Garland, Hugh (other identity, same person)
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Barbour, Constance
Bilencko, Michael (1882-1955; see also from)
Coblentz, Catherine C.
Coblentz, Catherine Cate
Cooper, Rose
Garland, Hugh (1882-1955; see also from)
Garrett, Blanche Pownall
Grenville, R. H.
Herrick, Robert
Moore, Noreen
Roberts, Charles G. D.
Salmon, Arthur L.
Scott, Duncan Campbell
As I walked in Bethlehem : Christmas carol-anthem, S.A.T.B.
bird in the nest, The : a lullaby : S.S.A. (unaccompanied)
birth night, The : a Christmas carol for unison or two part
Carol o ye angels Christmas carol for two voices (S.C.)
children's friend, The : sacred part-song for ladies' voices, unaccompanied (S.S.A.)
Christmas carols.
cowslip, The : unison voices
D'où viens-tu, bergère, d'ou viens-tu
Each night beside my bed
fairy cobbler, The : song
fairy ring, The : unison or two-part song
Fire birds : unison song
Flow gently, sweet Afton among thy green braes
Gai lon la, gai le rosier.
Gay is the rose : unison song : unison
Haste ye to the manger
Holy Child, The : carol anthem for S.A.T.B.
In the hour of my distress
ivy green, The : unison song
Katerina, Katerina, will you come and dance with me
Katerina : Ukrainian folk-dance : for ladies' voices SSA
Kremser (Hymn tune)
litany, A : sacred vocal solo
little Jesus came to town, The : Christmas folk song
Long, long ago : a Christmas carol for unison voices
loveliest picture, The : three-part chorus for women's voices (SSA) a cappella
moon baby, The : unison song
Near a leafy woodland by a little green glade
One day, as I was walking
piper and the chiming peas, The : unison song
piper wind, The : a three part song for ladies' voices, unaccompanied (S.S.A.)
sad tale of the frog and the mouse, The : unison
scarlet sarafan, The : for ladies voices S.S.A.
sea-blue gardens, The : for ladies' voices
Sleep little Jesus : a cradle carol : part-song for ladies' voices (SSA accompanied)
Sleep little Jesus, sleep tonight
sleep of the holy child, The : Christmas anthem for soprano solo (or junior choir) and quartet or mixed chorus (a cappella)
Sleep, while the blue of the night now enfolds Thee
Slumber, slumber little one now
Smithery box : unison
Snowing, snowing! hear the ice cracking
Soldier's song : TBB
Song for a baby sister : unison song
Song of autumn : trio for S. S. A.
Song of Mary : a Christmas song
spider hunter, The : unison song
Spring is here : two-part song
Spring magic : song
Steal away, little birds to your nest
Steal away, little birds : two-part song
Swallow song : three-part chorus for women's voices (SSA) a cappella
Sweet Afton : unison or two-part song
Sweet and low : two-part song (S.A.)
sweet nightingale, The : unison
Sweet songs of Christmas
There is no rose of such virtue
There was a mouse lived in a mill
This is the day
Though far is the land where my fathers lie buried
To a baby brother : unison song
To a girl on her birthday : song
To immortality : three-part song for female voices (unaccompanied)
Today in Bethlehem, hear I sweet angel voices singing
torchbearers, The : unison
Trees are asleep at the end of the street
'Twas in the silent night He came 'neath stars of wondrous sight
Twilight : part-song for ladies' voices (S.S.A.)
Two Besançon carols : S.A.T.B.
Two Christmas carols : first set
Two French folk songs : unison
Two Icelandic folk songs : unison
two nests, The : unison
Two Ukrainian folk songs : unison
Walking in the moonlight in a forest glade
We gather O Father to ask Thy blessing
What do little birds say sitting on the bough
What do you think I saw today
What we have we'll hold : patriotic song
When at night I go to sleep
When in the woods I wander
When summer suns have waned and gone
When twilight walks in the west
Whence, O shepherd, maiden? : for chorus of men's voices
Whence, O shepherd, maiden? : for chorus of women's voices
Whence, O shepherd maiden, whence come you
white dove, The
Wind in the lilacs
Wind music
Winds in the olive trees
With a lurch and a bump
With songs of joy we welcome
Wonder was on me in Curraghma call