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Fanthorpe, Lionel
Fanthorpe, Lionel and Patricia
Fanthorpe, R. Lionel
Fanthorpe, Robert Lionel
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Language material
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Related identities: 
Fanhope, Robert Lionel (other identity, same person)
Fanthorpe, Robert Lionel (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Barton, Erle (1935-; see also from)
Barton, Erle (see also from)
Barton, Lee (see also from)
Bell, Thornton (1935-; see also from)
Bell, Thornton (see also from)
Brett, Leo (1935-; see also from)
Brett, Leo (see also from)
Fane, Bron (1935-; see also from)
Fane, Bron (see also from)
Fanhope, R. L (see also from)
Fanthorpe, P. A.
Fanthorpe, Patricia
Heitor, Maria Doroteia
Jay, Mel (1935-; see also from)
Jay, Mel (see also from)
Johns, Marston (1935-; see also from)
Johns, Marston (see also from)
La Salle, Victor (1935-; see also from)
La Salle, Victor (see also from)
Lionel, Robert (1935-; see also from)
Lionel, Robert (see also from)
Muller, John E (see also from)
Muller, John E. (see also from)
Reginald, R.
Roberts, Lionel (1935-; see also from)
Roberts, Lionel (see also from)
Thanet, Neil (1935-; see also from)
Thanet, Neil (see also from)
Thorpe, Trebor (1935-; see also from)
Thorpe, Trebor (see also from)
Torro, Pel (1935-; see also from)
Torro, Pel (see also from)
Wallace-Murphy, Tim
Zeigfreid, Karl (see also from)
Alien from the stars
Asteroid man
big book of mysteries, The
black lion, The
Death the final mystery
Holy Grail revealed, The : the real secret of Rennes-le-Château
mistérios do tesouro templário e do Santo Graalos segredos de Rennes-le-Château, Os
Mysteries and secrets of the Masons : the story behind the Masonic Order
Mysteries and secrets of the Templars : the story behind the Da Vinci code
Mysteries and secrets of time
Mysteries and secrets of Voodoo, Santeria and Obeah
Mysteries of Templar treasure and the Holy Grail
Mysteries of Templar treasure & the Holy Grail : secrets of Rennes-le-Château
Mysteries of the Bible
Oak Island mystery, The : the secret of the world's greatest treasure hunt
Oak Island mystery the world's greatest treasure hunt, The
Rennes-le-Château : its mysteries and secrets
Satanism and demonology
Secrets of Rennes-le-Château
Secrets of the world's undiscovered treasures
Spencer's metric conversion tables
Unsolved mysteries of the sea
world's greatest unsolved mysteries, The
world's most mysterious castles, The
world's most mysterious murders, The
world's most mysterious objects, The
world's most mysterious people, The
world's most mysterious places, The
worlds greatest unsolved myteries 1997 lionel fanthorpe, the