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Mott, Benjamin
Motte, Benjamin
Motte, Benjamin (II)
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Bathurst, Charles (1709?-1786)
Cowley, Abraham (1618-1667)
Feales, William (169.?-17..; libraire))
Sprint, John (166.?-1727?))
Strahan, George (16..-17.. libraire)
Ward, Aaron (16..-17..; libraire))
Welchman, Edward (1665-1739))
Wiseman, Richard
Wotton, Thomas (170.?-1766)
Wren, John (1674 or 5-1724))
clergyman's companion in visiting the sick. Being a collection of the following particulars for that purpose; ... To which are annex'd. The offices of publick and private baptism. The 5th ed., improv'd and corrected.., The
collection of state-trials, and proceedings, upon high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours, from the reign of King Edward VI. To the present time. The seventh [-eighth] volume. With an alphabetical table to the two supplemental volumes, A
complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason..., A
Eight chirurgical treatises, on these following heads : viz. I. Of tumours ; II. Of ulcers ; III. Of diseases of the anus ; IV. Of the king's evil ; V. Of wounds ; VI. Of gun-shot wounds ; VII. Of fractures and luxations ; VIII. Of the lues venerae. By Richard Wiseman, serjeant-chirurgeon to King Charles II. In two volumes. The sixth edition..
Oratio dominica nimirum pluscentum linguis, versionibus aut characteribus reddita et expressa
Sir Courtly Nice: or, it cannot be. A comedy. As it was acted by Her Majesty's servants. Written by Mr. Crown.
Third and last volume of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley, The : being the second and third parts thereof. Part II. What was written and publish'd by himself ; now reprinted together. The tenth edition. Part III. His six books of plants, the first and second of herbs, the third and fourth of flowers. The fifth and sixth of trees. Made english by several celebrated hands...
Thirty-nine Articles.
XXXIX articuli Ecclesiae Anglicanae, textibus sacrae scripturae et patrum primaevorum testimoniis confirmati, brevibusque notis illustrati. Adjectis insuper nominibus autorum locisque in quibus doctrina in articulis contenta fusius explicatur. Editio quinta. Auctore Eduardo Welchman ....