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Moote, B.
Moote, Benjamin
Mott, Benjamin
Motte, B.
Motte, Benj
Motte, Benjamin
Motte, Benjamin (II)
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Bathurst, Charles (1709?-1786)
Cowley, Abraham (1618-1667)
Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)
Sloane, Hans Sir, 1660-1753
Sprat, Thomas (1635-1713)
Strahan, George (16..-17.. libraire)
Tonson, Jacob (1714-1767)
Walthoe, John -1778
Ward, Aaron -1747
Wotton, Thomas (170.?-1766)
collection of state-trials, and proceedings, upon high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours, from the reign of King Edward VI. To the present time. The seventh [-eighth] volume. With an alphabetical table to the two supplemental volumes, A
complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason..., A
dramatick works of John Dryden, 1725:, The
epistulae morales ad lucilium
euclid's elements|elements
gulliver's travels|travels into several remote nations of the world
history of the peloponnesian war
history of the Royal Society of London for the improving of natural knowledge, The
Hudibras in three parts, 1732:
philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica
reply to the preface publish'd by Mr. Henry Jones with his abridgment of the Philosophical transactions, 1722:, A
Third and last volume of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley, The : being the second and third parts thereof. Part II. What was written and publish'd by himself ; now reprinted together. The tenth edition. Part III. His six books of plants, the first and second of herbs, the third and fourth of flowers. The fifth and sixth of trees. Made english by several celebrated hands...
voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, A : with the natural history of the herbs and trees, four-footed beasts, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles, &c of the last of those islands : to which is prefix'd an introduction, wherein is an account of the inhabitants, air, waters, diseases, trade, &c. of that place, with some relations concerning the neighbouring continent, and islands of America : illustrated with figures of the things describ'd, which have not been heretofore engraved, in large copper-plates as big as the life