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Blount, Ed
Blount, Edw
Blount, Edward
Blount, William
Blunt, Edward
Blunt, Edward (Mr)
Gusman the Spanish rogue, Translator of
Translator of Gusman the Spanish rogue
active 1588-1632
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Language material
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Barrett, William (15..-1624))
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de (1547-1616))
Daniel, Samuel (1562-1619)
Eld, George -1624
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Florio, John (1553?-1625))
Kebler, Leonard
Shelton, Thomas (15..-16..; traducteur))
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Stansby, William (15..-1639?))
Aphorismes civill and militarie amplified with authorities, and exemplified with historie, out of the quarterne of Fr. Guicciardine.
Certaine small poems lately printed ; with, The tragedie of Philotas
Dell'unione del regno di Portogallo alla corona di Castiglia.
Don Quixote.
Epictetus Manuall. Cebes Table. Theophratus Characters
essayes, or, Morall, politike and millitarie discourses of Lo. Michaell de Montaigne ..., The
Gerardo the unfortunate Spaniard, or, A patterne for lascivious lovers, 1622:
historie of the vniting of the kingdom of Portugall to the crowne of Castill, The : containing the last warres of the Portugals against the Moores of Africke, the end of the house of Portugall, and charge of that gouernment : the description of Portugall, their principall townes, castles, places, riuers, bridges ...
letter to Mr. T. H. [Theophilus Higgons] late minister, A : now fugitive : from Sir Edvvard Hoby Knight. In answere of his first Motive....
Manuel d'Epictète.
Marchant royall
merchant royall, The : a sermon preached at White-Hall before the kings Maiestie, at the nuptialls of the Right Honorable the Lord Hay, and his ladie, vpon the twelfe day last, being Ianvar. 6. 1607.
naturall and moral historie of the East and West Indies. Intreating of the remarkeable things of heaven, of the elements, mettalls, plants and beasts which are proper to that country: together with the manners, ceremonies, lawes, governements, and warres of the Indians. Written in Spanish by Joseph Acosta, and translated into English by E. G., The
Necessary rules and short observations for the true pronouncing and speedie learning of the italian tongue. Collected for the Imperial Majestie of Anna, crowned queene of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. By John Florio reader of the italian tongue unto Her Majestie, and one of the gentlemen of her royall Privie Chamber
panegyrike congratulatorie delivered to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie at Burleigh Harrington in Rutlandshire, A
Poema tragico del español Gerardo.
premier livre de chansons & airs de court, tant en françois qu'en italien & en gascon a 4. & 5. parties, Le : mis en musique par le sieur Carles Tessier, musitien de la chambre du Roy.
Problemes of beautie and all humane affections
Problemi della bellezza.
Queen Anna's New world of words, or Dictionarie of the Italian and English tongues
rogue, or, The life of Guzman de Alfarache, The
Sixe court comedies : often presented and acyted before Queene Elizabeth by the children of Her Maiesties chappell, and the children of Paules
Sixe evangelical histories, of water turned into wine, the Temples purgation. Christ and Nichodemus. Johns last testimonie... Contayned,in the 2. 3. and 4. chapters of St Johns Gospell, opened and handled by the late faithfull servant of God, Daniel Dyke... Published since his death by his brother J. D.
STC (2nd ed.)
Svrvey of the great dvkes state of Tuscany
tragedie of Darius, The
Vocabolario italiano & inglese
Worlde of wordes