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Harlan, Byron G.
Harlan, Byron George
Holland, Byron
Lincoln, Chester
Pippins, Cyrus
Stebbins, Cy
Terry, Bert
Treadway, Deacon
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Musical sound recording
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American Quartet
Big Four Quartette (isMemberOf)
Collins and Harlan (Musical group) (see also from)
Collins, Arthur (1864-1933)
Collins, Arthur Francis (co-performer)
Edison Vaudeville Company (isMemberOf)
Jaudas, Eugene A. (co-performer)
Jones, Ada
Madeira, Addison Dashiell (co-performer)
Meeker, Edward (co-performer)
Murray, Billy
Murray, Billy (co-performer)
Natus, Joseph H. (co-performer)
Porter, Steve (1864-1936)
Porter, Steve C. (co-performer)
Rambler Minstrel Company (isMemberOf)
Stanley, Frank C. (1868-1910)
Stewart, Cal (1856-1919)
Van Eps, Fred (1878-1960)
Von Tilzer, Harry (1872-1946)
Walker, Barclay
aba daba honeymoon, The
Arrah wanna
At the ball, that's all
band festival at Plum Center, The
cannibal king, The
Cheer up, Mary
Closing time in a country grocery
Come along little girl, come along
Country found them ready
Dear old golden rule days
Do what your mother did
Down on the Brandywine
Emancipation handicap
Everybody rag with me
first rehearsal of the huskin' bee, The
Good-a-bye, John
got mine, I
Hurrah for Baffin's Bay from Wizard of Oz.
I'm gonna buy a one way ticket to a little one horse town [SR] 1922:
I'm unlucky
If that's your idea of a wonderful time
In a village by the sea
In my harem
In the city of sighs and tears
[It's a very easy thing to put a ring upon a finger]
It's up to you to move
Jerry Murphy is a friend of mine
Just as the sun went down
kid is clever, The
Long boy
Marriage is sublime duet.
Melinda's wedding day
Moran. Encyclopedic discography of Victor recordings, matrix series, 1 through 4999, c1986:
never trouble trouble until trouble troubles me, I
Night time in little Italy comic duet. Night time in little Italy : burlesque opera.
Oh dat watermelon
Oh how she could yacki, hacki, wicki, wacki woo
On the 5:15
Organ grinder's troubles
Popular American recording pioneers, 1895-1925, c2000:
Popular music selections for the American Memory project
Real ragtime disc recordings from its heyday.
Red mill.
Robin Adair
Ruff Johnson's harmony band
rural argument "rube" specialty with imitations, A
Susan, kiss me good and hard
They gotta quit kickin' my dawg aroun' the Missouri "dawg" song
They were all doing the same
Those Charlie Chaplin feet
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
Two blue eyes
Two jolly sailors
Two rubes at the vaudeville
Two rubes in a tavern
Two rubes swapping horses
Under the yum yum tree
village barber, The
village gossips, The
Wal, I swan!
want to go back to Michigan, I
What do you mean, you lost your dog?
When he's all dolled up, he's the best dressed rube in town
When Uncle Joe steps into France
Who? Me?
wish I had a pal like you, I
Yaddie kaddie kiddie kaddie koo
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'Neath the Old Cherry Tree, Sweet Marie
'way Down in Georgia
Afloat on a Five-Dollar Note
Alexander's Ragtime Band
All Aboard for Slumberville
Amateur Minstrel Rehearsal, An
Are You Sincere?
Arrah Wanna
Arthur Collins - Keep Jazzin’ It Ras
Baboon Bungalow
Baby and I
Baby's Prayer
Back, Back, Back to Baltimore
Bake Dat Chicken Pie
Battle Cry of Freedom, The
Be True
Beautiful Birds, Sing On
Bird in a Gilded Cage, A
Birds, The
Blue Bell
Blue Jay and the Thrush, The
Bunker Hill
Camp Meeting Time
Chanticleer Rag
Closing Time at a Country Grocery
Coax Me
Colleen Bawn
Come Along, Little Girl, Come Along
Come Down From the Big Fig Tree
Comic Coon Duet
Cotton Time
Country Constable, The
Crowd on Macnally's Back Stoop, The
Cubanola Glide, The
Cuckoo Song
Daughter of Vanity Fair, A
Does You Love Me as You Used to, Miss Jane?
Down Among the Sugar Cane
Down at the Huskin' Bee
Down in Jungle Town
Down on the Brandywine
Down Where the Sweet Potatoes Grow
Down Where the Wurzburger Flows
Dreamed My Mother Was a Queen, I
Ephasafa Dill
Ev'ry Little Bit Added to What You've Got Makes Just a Little Bit More
Everybody’s Jazzin’ It
Fare Thee Well, Molly Darling
Gone, Gone, Gone
Gooda-Bye Fedora
He Carved His Mother's Name Upon a Tree
He Was a Sailor
Heinie Waltzed 'round on His Hickory Limb
Hey! Mr. Joshua
High Old Time in Dixie, A
Honey Lou
Honey, Won't You Please Come Down?
How Birds Make Love
How Do You Do, Miss Josephine?
Hurrah for Baffin's Bay
I'll Kill the Man Who Swiped My Can
I'm A-Dreamin' of You
I'm Crazy 'Bout It
I'm Trying So Hard to Forget You
I'm Unlucky
I've Got My Fingers Crossed, You Can't Touch Me
I've Got the Time, I've Got the Place
I've Set My Heart on You
If You Saw All That I Saw in Arkansas
In Monkey Land
In the City of Sighs and Tears
In the Evening by the Moonlight, Dear Louise
In the Golden Autumn Time, My Sweet Elaine
In the House of Too Much Trouble
In the Shadow of the Pines
In the Valley of Kentucky
In the Village by the Sea
In the Wildwood Where the Blue Bells Grew
It Looks Like a Big Night To-Night
It Makes Me Think of Home, Sweet Home
It Was the Dutch
It's Great to Be a Soldier Man
It's the Band
It's Up to You to Move
Jasper, Don't You Hear Me Calling You?
Just a Gleam of Heaven in Her Eyes
Just a Little Word Called "Welcome"
Just Across the Bridge of Gold
Just Help Yourself
Just What the Good Book Taught
Keep on the Sunny Side
Kiss Me Good Night, Dear Love
Know Dat I'll Be Happy Till I Die, I
L-A-Z-Y Spells Lazy
Larboard Watch, The
Leader of the German Band, The
Left Because I Love You, I
Let Me Hear the Songs My Mother Used to Sing
Let Me Write What I Never Dared to Tell
Let's Go Into a Picture Show
Little Black Me
Little Boy Called Taps, A
Little Boy in Blue, A
Little Dolly Driftwood
Little Suit of Blue, A
Long to See You Once Again, I
Longing for You
Louisa Schmidt
Make a Noise Like a Hoop and Roll Away
Making Eyes
Mamma's Boy
Man Behind, The
Man in the Overalls, The
Mansion of Aching Hearts, The
Many's the Time
Marching Thro' Georgia
Mary Ann
Medley of Popular Songs
Meet Me in Rosetime, Rosie
Merry Farmer Boy, The
Molly, Come Drive the Cows Home
Mrs. Clancy and the Street Musicians
Mule Song, The
My Brudda Sylvest
My Gal Irene
My Kickapoo Queen
My Little Irish Canary
My Old New Hampshire Home
My Own Wild Western Rose
Nancy Lee
Nellie Dean
Nigger Loves His 'Possum
Nobody Ever Brings Presents to Me
Nothing Hardly Ever Troubles Me
Oh, Oh, Miss Lucy Ella
Oh, Oh, Sallie
Oh! You Loving Gal!
On Broadway in Dahomey Bye and Bye
On the Banks of the Rhine With a Stein
On the Rockin’ Rosa Lee
Once Upon a Tine
Over the Pilsener Foam
Paddle Your Own Canoe
Paint Me a Picture of Mamma
Parody on Hiawatha
Picture No Artist Can Paint, A
Play That Lovey Dove Waltz Some More
Please Come and Play in My Yard
Please Mr. Conductor, Don't Put Me Off the Train
Possum Pie
Pretty Mary
Reed Bird
Robin and the Wren, The
Robin Song, The
Rube and the Country Doctor
School Days
Set 'em Up in the Other Alley
Some Day, Melinda
Somebody's Sweetheart I Want to Be
Somebody's Waiting for Me
Songs of the Rag Time Boy, The
Sons of the Sea
Spider and the Fly, The
Stop That Rag!
Stories That Mother Told Me, The
Story the Violets Told, The
Strike Out Maccracken
Sunbonnet Sue
Susan, Kiss Me Good and Hard
Sweet Antoinette
Take a Car
Tell Me, Dusky Maiden
That Fifer of the Old Drum Corps
That Welcome on the Mat Ain't Meant for Me
There Never Was a Girl Like You
There's a Mother Always Waiting You at Home, Sweet Home
They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Aroun'
They Were All Doing the Same
Those Are the Songs I Love
Three Rubes Seeing New York
Ting Tang Sang
Tittle, Tattle, Tattle Tale
To Call Her Mine
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
Two Little Baby Shoes
Two Little Girls Loved One Little Boy
Two Little Sailor Boys
Two Rubes and the Tramp Fiddler
Two Rubes at the Circus
Two Rubes at the Vaudeville
Two Rubes in a Tavern
Two Rubes in an Eating House
Under the Irish Moon
Underneath the Monkey Moon
Vacant Chair, The
Village Maid, A
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
Waltz Me Down the Alley, Sallie
Want Somebody to Play With, I
Want to Be a Soldier, I
Watching and Waiting
Water Rat, The
Way Back
Way Down East Where I Belong
We Have No One to Care for Us Now
Wedding of Barney and Bedelia, The
What Would the Neighbours Say?
When Bob White Is Whistling in the Meadow
When I Think of You
When It's Moonlight on the Prairie
When Jane and I Were Wed
When Mose With His Nose Leads the Band
When the Autumn Leaves Are Falling
When the Harvest Days Are Over
When the Humming Birds Return, Sweet Irene
When the Winter Time Comes 'round
When Uncle Joe Steps Into France
When We Parted at the Gate
When We Were Boys
When You Love Her and She Loves You
Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean's Blue to Gold
Where the Sweet Magnolias Bloom
While the Birds Are Singing to Me
While the Leaves Come Drifting Down
While the Moon Shines Bright
Whistling and Singing Farmer Boys
Who Do You Love?
Who's Your Friend?
Why Don't They Play With Me?
Will I Find My Mamma There?
Woman Can't Forget the Man She Loves, A
Won't You Waltz "Home, Sweet Home" With Me for Old Times' Sake?
Won't You Write a Letter, Papa?
Wonder If She's Waiting, I
Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo
You Can't Stop Your Heart From Beating for the Girl You Love
You're Just Too Sweet to Live
Your Mother Wants You Home, Boy
Yucatana Man, The
Zoo Loo