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Osgood, Wilfred H.
Osgood, Wilfred Hudson
Osgood, Wilfred Huston
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Conover, Boardman
Edward E. Ayer Ornithological Library
Gore, U.R.
Hellmayr, Carl E. (1878-1944)
Hellmayr, Charles Edward (1878-1944)
Herrick, C. Judson (1868-1960)
Herrick, Charles Judson (1868-1960)
Lyon, Marcus Ward Jr
Merriam, Clinton Hart (1855-1942)
Parker, George Howard (1864-1955)
Walters, Leon L.
Zimmer, John T.
Zimmer, John T. (1889-1957)
Zimmer, John Todd (1889-1957)
Artist and naturalist in Ethiopia
Biographical memoir of Clinton Hart Merriam, 1855-1942.
Biological investigations in Alaska and Yukon territory
biological reconnaissance of the base of the Alaska Peninsula, A
Birds of the Marshall Field Peruvian expedition, 1922-1923
Catalogue of birds of the Americas and adjacent islands in Field Museum of National History
Catalogue of the Edward E. Ayer ornithological library
Catalogue of the type-specimens of mammals in the United States National Museum, including the Biological Survey collection
Clearing and staining skeletons of small vertebrates
Diagnoses of New East African mammals, including a new genus of Muridae
East Central Alaska
Four new mammals from Venezuela
fur seals and other life of the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, in 1914, The
Further new mammals from British East Africa
Game birds from Northwestern Venezuela
Increasing the recovery of petroleum : in 2 volumes
long-clawed South American rodents of the genus Notiomys, The
Macmillan River, Yukon
Mammals from the coast and islands of Northern South America
Mammals of an expedition across northern Peru
mammals of Chile, The
Mammals of the Kelley-Roosevelts and Delacour Asiatic expeditions
Monographic study of the american marsupial, cænolestes
Natural history of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia ; Natural history of the Cook Inlet region, Alaska
Ned Hollister (1876-1924)
New and imperfectly known small mammals from Africa
new genus of aquatic rodents from Abyssinia, A
New Peruvian mammals
new rodent from the Galapagos Islands, A
New uses of celluloid and similar material in taxidermy
new woodrat from Mexico, A
Ogilvie Range, Yukon
Papers on mammalogy, published in honor of Wilfred Hudson Osgood
peculiar bear from Alaska, A
Results of a biological reconnoissance of the Yukon river region. General account of the region. Annotated list of mammals.
Review of living Caenolestids with description of a new genus from Chile : reports on results of the captain Marshall Field expeditions
Revision of the pocket mice of the genus Perognathus
South American mice referred to Microryzomys and Thallomyscus, The
Two new rodents from Costa Rica
Variable dentition in a chinese insectivore
white-tailed deer., The