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Nachtwey, James
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Amanpour, Christiane (1958-...)
Darling, David (1941-...)
Frei, Christian (1959-...)
Karaindrou, Hélène (1939-...)
Klare, Hans-Hermann
Lydmar Hotel
Magnum photos
Moorehead, Caroline (1944-)
Pärt, Arvo (1935-...)
Stone, Robert (1937-...)
VII (Organization)
Ayod, Sudan, famine [photographie]
Baidoa, Somalia, famine [photographie]
Bardera, Somalia, common grave during famine [photographie]
Bethlehem, West Bank, funeral for Palestinia man shot by Israeli army [photographie]
Bethlehem, West Bank, funeral for Palestinian youth killed by Israeli army [photographie]
Bihar State, India, brick factory [photographie]
Brcko, a Muslim city on the river Sava in North-eastern Bosnia which was "ethnically cleansed" by Serbian forces & has formed an impromptu defense force of citizens from Brcko & surrounding villages which has halted a Serbian advance outside the cit
Brooklyn, NY, USA, murder scene [photographie]
Camps de réfugiés rwandais au Zaïre], [
Chute du mur de Berlin], [
Civil wars
Deeds of war
Democratic Republic of the Congo forgotten war
East Jerusalem, West Bank, blood of Palestinian demonstrator shot by Israeli army [photographie]
enfer, L'
estimated one million refugees fled the civil war in Rwanda to huge make-shift camps in Goma, Zaire, including those at Kibumba, munigi and Kitale. Contaminated water, unsanitary conditions and a bacteria strain highly resistant to antibiotics pr, An
Faits de guerre
Forgotten war : Democratic Republic of the Congo
Fotógrafo de guerra
Gaza City, Gaza, funeral of Palestinian man killed by Israelis [photographie]
Goma, Zaire, mass burial of Hutu refugees struck by cholera [photographie]
Grozny, Chechnya, Chechen rebel on front line against Russians [photographie]
Grozny, Chechnya, city center destroyed by Russian bombing [photographie]
Grozny, Chechnya, civilian killed by Russian shelling [photographie]
Grozny, Chechnya, civilians wounded by Russian attack [photographie]
Grozny Under siege The initial Russian attack on Grozny, capital of the secessionist republic of Chechnya, failed miserably. Troops were beaten back by local irregulars and some officiers refused to order their soldiers into combat. Russia then step
Guatemala City, Guatemala, Catholic priest going to mass by Pope John Paul II [photographie]
Guerre civile en Ex-Yougoslavie, 1993], [
Guerre en Tchétchénie], [
Gulbahar, Afghanistan, buzkhashi [photographie]
Harare, Zimbabwe, daughter cares for mother with AIDS [photographie]
Harare, Zimbabwe, prostitute [photographie]
Harare, Zimbabwe, tuberculosis ward where most patients had AIDS [photographie]
Hebron, West Bank, Palestinian collaborator with Israelis lynched [photographie]
Hebron, West Bank, poster of rabbi on wall around Israeli military position [photographie]
Humanity in war : frontline photography since 1860
Jakarta, Indonesia, beggar washes his children in polluted canal [photographie]
Jakarta, Indonesia, homeless child [photographie]
Jakarta, Indonesia, student demonstrators at announcement of resignation of Suharto [photographie]
James Nachtwey : civil wars
James Nachtwey, cop. 1992:
James Nachtwey, l'occhio testimone
James Nachtwey, l'oeil témoin [exposition organisée par la Bibliothèque nationale de France, Galerie Mansart, du 29 octobre 2002 au 2 mars 2003]
Jenin, West Bank, digging out shop in refugee camp destroyed by Israelis [photographie]
Jenin, West Bank, mourning man killed in Israeli attack on refugee camp [photographie]
Kabul, Afghanistan, cemetery, brother killed in Taliban rocket attack [photographie]
Kabul, Afghanistan, land mine victim [photographie]
Kabul, Afghanistan, mental hospital [photographie]
Kabul, Afghanistan, orphanage [photographie]
Kabul, Afghanistan, ruins of king's palace [photographie]
Karachi, Pakistan, heroin addicts [photographie]
Kijevo, Kosovo, return of the deportees [photographie]
Kunar Valley, Afghanistan, mujahedin praying [photographie]
Kunduz, Afghanistan, dying Taliban fighter [photographie]
Kunduz, Afghanistan, wall of Taliban prison [photographie]
Kurds flee Iraqi attacks. September 1988. Over 70.000 Iraqi Kurds have fled the Iraqi offensive and found shelter in the mountainous region of Eastern Turkey near Cukurca, on the Iraqi border. They have come with mules and pack horse, children and f
Lime Stone Prison, Alabama, USA, punishment for chain gang prisoner [photographie]
Magdeburg, East Germany, coke factory [photographie]
Managua, Nicaragua, Somoza tank in a park as monument [photographie]
Meja, Kosovo, imprint of man killed by Serbs [photographie]
Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croat militiaman driving out Moslem neighbors [photographie]
Mt. Ijin, Indonesia, sulfur mine worker in crater of volcano [photographie]
New York, USA, attack on World Trade Center [photographie]
Nyanza, Rwanda, survivor of Hutu death camp [photographie]
occhio testimone, L'
oeil témoin légendes des photographies exposées [exposition organisée par la Bibliothèque nationale de France, Galerie Mansart, du 29 octobre 2002 au 2 mars 2003], L'
Orphelinas en Roumanie], [
Outside Karachi, Pakistan, rehabilitation center for heroin addicts [photographie]
Peshawar, Pakistan, heroin addicts begging [photographie]
Photographe de guerre
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Aristide supporter killed by death squad [photographie]
Prizren, Kosovo, ripping poster of Milosevic [photographie]
Rahic, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bosnian soldier killed in battle with Serbs is mourned by his father [photographie]
Ramallah, West Bank, funeral for Palestinian man shot by Israeli army [photographie]
Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian demonstrator fighting Israeli army [photographie]
Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian demonstrator fights Israeli army [photographie]
Rapporteurs de guerre
[Recueil. Photographies originales. Oeuvre de James Nachtwey]
Réfugiés kurdes pendant la guerre Iran-Irak], [
Romania, an institution for "incurable" children [photographie]
Rwanda. Victimes de la guerre civile. [cote : NAJ94005W00028/08]
Sacsa, Romania, an institution for "incurable" children [photographie]
San Luis de la Reina, El Salvador, army evacuates wounded as girls from village watch [photographie]
Souk al Gharb, Lebanon, Lebanese Army soldiers being shelled by Palestinians and Druze [photographie]
Soweto, South Africa, children playing on trampoline [photographie]
Torah Borah, Afghanistan, anti-Al Qaeda fighter praying [photographie]
Torah Borah, Afghanistan, anti-Al-Qaeda fighter tracking US bomber [photographie]
Torah Borah, Afghanistan, anti-Al Qaeda fighters scavenge dead Al Qaeda guerilla [photographie]
Transkei, South Africa, Xhosa youths during initiation into manhood [photographie]
War photographer Fotógrafo de guerra
Ziar nad Hronem, Czechoslovakia, aluminum factiry [photographie]