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Hiatt, L. R.
Hiatt, Les
Hiatt, Lester
Hiatt, Lester Richard
Hiatt, LR
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writer of accompanying material
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Australian Institute Of Aboriginal Studies Canberra, Symposium (1974
Gurrmanamana, Frank
Hogbin, H. Ian (1904-)
Hogbin, Herbert Ian (1904-)
Hogbin, Herbert Ian Priestley (1904-)
Meeting of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (1974)
Merlan, Francesca
Morton, John
Rumsey, Alan
Stanner, W. E. H.
University of Sydney
Aboriginal landowners, 1984:
Aboriginal landowners : contemporary issues in the determination of traditional aboriginal land ownership
Aboriginal political life
analysis of conflict in some areas of Aboriginal Australia, An
Anthropology in Oceania; essays presented to Ian Hogbin.
"..arguably the most comprehensive work ever produced on a single australian aboriginal group. it is the result of a four-decade long relationship between the anbarra people of the blyth river in northern arnhem land and leading scholars from various fields of research.
Arguments about aborigines : Australia and the evolution of social anthropology
Australian aboriginal concepts [papers]
Australian aboriginal mythology : essays in honour of W. E. H. Stanner
'australian science in the making
book and cd-rom are based on twenty extraordinary texts created by frank gurrmanamana in 1960 to explain to anthropologist les hiatt the protocols and etiquette of anbarra society. they follow an imagined life from birth through boyhood, to marriage and death.", the
'current affairs bulletin
deals with aboriginal conceptions of the workings of nature, including[[archaeology|archaeological evidence]]; discussing plants, animals, [[totemism]], magic, magical use of songs; manikay songs, gidjingarli, [[aranda]], arnhem land.
examines methods of determining traditional ownership of land, with reference to gidjingarli people; discusses applicability of aboriginal land rights (northern territory) act 1976 as a model for state governments.
"gives a history of aboriginal anthropology examined through debates about aspects of traditional culture; cultural and political background to the development of anthropology; models of aboriginal land ownership - definition of clan and horde; effects of land claims and native title recognition; kinship and marriage systems - problem of group marriage; definition of the family; marriage relations; the place of women - bestowal; role of womens ritual - love magic; sexuality and gender; theories of social evolution and control; political organisation - autonomy and hierarchy; high gods (baiame, wonjina, [[australian aboriginal mythology#rainbow serpent|rainbow serpent]]) - totemism and cosmology; conception beliefs; incest taboo - mother-in-law avoidance and sister antagonism; interpretation of ritual (the kulama of the tiwi); initiation"
'gurrmanamana, frank, hiatt l.r, mckenzie, kim (2002) people of the rivermouth: the joborr texts of frank gurrmanamana
'hiatt, l.r (1985)
'hiatt, l.r (1996) arguments about aborigines: australia and the evolution of social anthropology
'hiatt, l.r & jones, rhys (1988)
Kinship and conflict; a study of an aboriginal community in northern Arnhem Land
People of the rivermouth : the Joborr texts of Frank Gurrmanamana
Readings in Australian and Pacific anthropology
Scholar and sceptic : Australian Aboriginal studies in honour of L.R. Hiatt
Waiting for Harry, 2012:
bibl.; diags.; maps; tbls.; Typescript (photocopy)
B.A. (Hons.) Thesis - University of Sydney