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Coverdale, David
Strings, plucked - Guitar
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Aldridge, Tommy (co-performer)
Beach, Reb (co-performer)
Blackmore, Ritchie (co-performer)
Bolin, Tommy (co-performer)
Coverdale, David
Deep Purple (isMemberOf)
Deep purple (see also from)
Dowle, Dave (co-performer)
Dunbar, Aynsley (co-performer)
EMI music France
EMI records Ltd
Frazier, Chris (co-performer)
Galley, Mel (co-performer)
Gillan, Ian (co-performer)
Glover, Roger (co-performer)
Hughes, Glenn (co-performer)
Lord, Jon (1941-)
Lord, Jon (co-performer)
Marsden, Bernie (co-performer)
Mendoza, Marco (co-performer)
Moody, Micky (co-performer)
Münchner Kammeroper Orchester
Murray, Neil (co-performer)
Page, Jimmy
Paice, Ian (co-performer)
Powell, Cozy (co-performer)
Sarzo, Rudy (co-performer)
Schoener, Eberhard (1938-)
Sykes, John (co-performer)
Twiggy, is Lesley Hornby (1949-)
Vai, Steve (co-performer)
Vandenberg, Adrian (co-performer)
Whitesnake (isMemberOf)
Whitesnake (see also from)
Whitesnake (Musical group)
York, Pete
Absolution blues (6 min)
Bad Boys
Butterfly ball : a musical journey
Children of the Night
Classic Rock presents Whitesnake.
Comin' Home
Continuo on B.A.C.H.
Coverdale . Page : off the record.
Crying in the Rain
Days of thunder music from the motion picture soundtrack
Days of thunder [SR] p1990:
Deep purple paroles et musique de 12 chansons... vocal guitare
Don't leave me this way (7 min 52 s)
Don't Turn Away
Easy does it (5 min 51 s)
Feeling hot (4 min 10 s)
Give Me All Your Love
Gypsy, The
Hard 'n' heavy
Here I Go Again
High Ball Shooter
Hold On
Holy Man
In the shadow of the blues
Into the light
Is This Love
Lady Double Dealer
Lady Luck
last note of freedom, The
Lay Down, Stay Down
Live in the shadow of the blues
Love Child
Love Don't Mean a Thing
Love is blind
Might Just Take Your Life
Money to Burn
Need Love, I
[Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven], 1987
Over now (5 min 22 s)
Pride and joy (3 min 32 s)
Restless heart
Sail Away
Shake my tree (4 min 50 s)
Soldier of Fortune
Still of the Night
Straight for the Heart
Take a look at yourself (5 min 02 s)
Take me for a little while (6 min 17 s)
Take me for a little while... [etc.]
Waiting on you (5 min 15 s)
What's Goin' on Here
Whisper a prayer for the dying (6 min 54 s)
White snake
You Can't Do It Right (With the One You Love)
You Fool No One
You Keep on Moving
Contributed to or performed: 
1969-08-24: Crash Landing: Amsterdam, Paradiso, Netherlands
1969-08-24: In Perfect Harmony: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1970-11-12: Stockholm, Sweden
1971-08-30: Turn Around: Civic Arena, Long Beach, CA, USA
1972-02-20: Wolverhampton, UK
1973-01-23: Munster Master: Munsterlandhalle, Munster, Germany
1973-02-18: Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
1973-06-25: Destroyed the Arena: Tokyo, Japan
1973-06-29: Final Truckin': Kosei Nenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan
1974-06: California Earthquake: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
1974-09-18: High Ball Shooter: Bremen, Germany
1979-08-26: Wrathchild: Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK
1980-04-11: Tokyo Bites: Tokyo, Japan
1980-08-24: Live in Reading: Reading, Berkshire, UK
1982-12-28: Lonely in the Night: Birmingham, UK
1983-03-03: Germany 1983: Ludwigshafen, Germany
1984-07-24: Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA, USA
1985-06-22: Black Night: Knebworth, UK
1987 Versions
1987-05-23: Locked in a Paper Cage: Irvine Auditorium, Los Angeles
1987-07-29: Night at Michigan: Battle Creek, MI, USA
1987-12-30: Hot in the Night: Wembley, London, UK
1988-06-13: Bad Boy Boogie: Tokyo, Japan
1988-06-13: Live in Tokyo: Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan
1990-08-10: Slip of the Spanish Tongue: Madrid, Spain
1990-08-18: Monsters of Rock: Donington Park, Derbyshire, UK
1993-12-05: Flying in a Purple Dream: Yokohama, Japan (disc 2)
1993-12-05: Live in Japan: Yokohama, Japan (disc 1)
1993-12-05: Yokohama, Japan (disc 2)
1994-06-10: White Night in Russia: White Nights Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
1994-06-22: Helsinki, Finland
1994-07-01: Fireball Over Madrid: Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid, Spain
1996-03-21: Purple Harbour: Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1996-03-30: Purple Rose of Hanau: Hanau, Germany
1997-12-13: The Last Farewell: Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998-06-17: A Band on Tour
2003-02-16: Bakersfield, CA, USA
2003-02-19: Sacramento, CA, USA
2004-09-14: Leipzig, Germany
2005-07-01: House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, USA
2006-06-14: Saints 'n' Snakes: Coliseu De Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Deep Purple
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Whitesnake
24 Carat Purple
30th Anniversary Collection
BBC Stew
Best of Deep Purple, The
Best of Whitesnake
Best of Whitesnake, The
Best Selection
Best, The
Checks 'N' Chops
Child in Time (Best on Stage 70-85) (disc 2)
Come an' Get It
Come Taste the Band
Deep Purple - Best Ballads
Deep Purple Family Album, The
Deep Purple in Rock
Deep Purple Singles A's & B's, The
Deeper the Love, The
Definitive Collection, The
Don't Fade Away
Early Years, The
Fireball: Anniversary Edition
First & Last
Flying in a Purple Dream
Friends & Relatives
Friends & Relatives (disc 2)
Golden Ballads
Golden Ballads 1968–1993
Golden Collection
Good to Be Bad
Good to Be Bad (bonus disc)
Greatest Hits
Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection
Highway Stars
Into the Light
Last Concert in Japan
Last Note of Freedom, The
Live at Hammersmith
Live at Long Beach (disc 1)
Live at the Forum (Inglewood)
Live in California 1974
Live in Denmark '72
Live in Japan 1993
Live in Montreux 2006 (disc 2)
Live in the Shadow of the Blues
Live in the Still of the Night
Live... In the Heart of the City
Long Beach Arena
Machine Head
Made in Europe
Made in Japan
Made in Japan: 25 Anniversary Remastered Edition
Mandrake Root Live in London 1973
Mark I&II
Over Now
Platinum: The Ultimate Collection
Purple Chronicle
Purple Passages
Ready an' Willing
Restless Heart
Rotterdam '91
Saints & Sinners
Shadow of Live Blues
Silver Anniversary Collection, The
Slide It In
Slip of the Tongue
Slip of the Tongue: 20th Anniversary Edition (disc 1)
Smoke on the Water
Smoke on the Water (The Best Of)
Smoke on the Water & Other Hits
Smoke on the Water: Live USA
Snakebite EP
Soldier of Fortune: The Greatest Hits
Starkers in Tokyo
String Thing for Vienna, A
Take a Look at Yourself
Take Me for a Little While
Ultimate Gold Collection, The
Vintage Concert, The
Whitesnake's Greatest Hits
Who Do We Think We Are