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Clampett, Bob
Clampett, Bob (pseudonym)
Clampett, R.
Clampett, Robert
Clampett, Robert Bob
Cwampett, Wobert
Robert Clampett
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blanc, Mel
Clampett, Sady
Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
Freleng, Friz -1995
Powder Socai
Roberts, Jack
Schlesinger, Leon (1884-1949)
Stalling, Carl W.
Vitaphone Corp
Warner Bros. Pictures (1923-1967)
36ème de sous-marin
Africa squeaks
Ain't I a little stinger
Ain't that a cork in the snorkel
attack of the man-eater skeeters, The
Beany and Cecil meet Ping pong
Beany and the jackstalk
Beany blows his top
Beany & Cecil Show, The
Beany flips his lip
Beany's resid-jewels
Boys from termite terrace.
Brother Brat
Bugs Bunny y otros clásicos
Camera three.
capture of the dreaded three headed threep, The
Cecil always save the day
Cecil gets careless
chewin' bruin, The
Chicken jitters
coy decoy, A
Daffy doc, The
Davey Crickett's leading lady bug
dirty birdy, The
Dirty pool
Dragon train
film fan, The
Get rich quick Porky
golden age of Looney Tunes., The
greatest shmoe on earth, The
Harecules and the golden fleecing
Here comes the shmoe boat
Hero by trade
Histoire d'humour
Hiver au coin du feu, L'
Hollywood Daffy
humbug, The
Illegal eagle egg
Injun trouble
Invasion of earth by robots
invisible man has butter-fingers, The
Jeepers creepers
Kitty kornered
Little ace from outer space
Living doll
lone stranger and Porky, The
Looney Tunes
loup garou a faim, Le
mad isle of Madhattan, The
Main de fer dans un gant de voyou
Makes a sea serpent sore
Malice in blunderland
Merrie melodies
Mon petit cowboy
Mouse menace
My little buckaroo
Mystère et bulle de gomme
Naughty neighbors
Never eat quackers in bed
Never eat quackers in brd
Nothing but the tooth
Old glory
Patient Porky
pêche au trésor, La
Pied piper Porky
Ping pong
Place à l'ombre... [etc.]
Polar pals
Porky and Gabby
Porky & Daffy
Porky Pig y otros clásicos
Porky's badtime story
Porky's five & ten
Porky's hero agency
Porky's hotel
Porky's movie mystery
Porky's naughty nephew
Porky's party
Porky's pooch
poursuite de l'hydre à trois têtes, La
Quel cirque
Russian rhapsody [MP] 1944:
Scalp trouble
souris bien encombrante, Une
Sowhat and the seven whatnots
spots off a leopard, The
Stranger objects
Supersterren collectie..
Swooner crooner
Thumb fun
tour du chapeau, Le
Trap happy Porky
Trente sixième dessous marin
Vild vast vastelandn brd
warring 20 m français, The
We, the animals, squeak!
Wildman of wilsville
Wot the heck