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Norman, A. M.
Norman, A. Merle
Norman, Alfred Merle
Norman, Conan Alfred Merle
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Language material
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Alder, Joshua
Bowerbank, Jam. Scott
Brady, G. Stewardson (1832-1921)
Brady, George Stewardson (1832-1921)
Hancock, Albany
Hopkinson, John (1844-1919)
Jeffreys, J.G. (1809-1885)
Jeffreys, John Gwyn (1809-1885)
Scott, Thomas
Stebbing, Thomas R.R. (1835-1926)
Stebbing, Thomas Roscoe Rede (1835-1926)
British Tunicata, The : an unfinished monograph
Crustacea of Devon and Cornwall, 1906:, The
crustacea of Northumberland and Durham, The
Dredging among the Shetland islands
Last report on dredging among the Shetland islands
monograph of the British Entomostraca belonging to the families Bosmindae, Macrothricidae, and Lynceidae, A
Monograph of the British Spongiadae, A
monograph of the marine and freshwater Ostracoda of the north Atlantic and of north-western Europe. Part II, sections II to IV, Myodocopa, Cladocopa, and Platycopa, A
Museum Normanianum, or A catalogue of the invertebrata of Europe, and the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans, which are contained in the collection of the Rev. Canon A. M. Norman, ... . I.-XII. Printed for private distribution
Notes on British Amphipoda.
Notes on the natural history of East Finmark
On Loxosoma and Triticella, genera of semiparasitic Polyzoa in the British seas ...
On the crustacea isopoda of the "Lightning", "Porcupine" and "Valorous" expeditions
Report of deep sea dredging on the coasts of Northumberland and Durham : Crustacea
Report of dredging operations on the coasts of Northumberland and Durham, in July and August, 1863
Report on dredging among the Shetland islands